EMu Release Notes



Brief Notes


 06 May 22

Release notes for EMu 8.0.


 13 Sep 21

This release of EMu includes support for the OpenID Connect authorisation protocol, an enhanced error dialogue and fixes for a number of issues. The French EMu Online Help has also been released and is available now.


 18 Dec 20

This release of EMu includes Ditto All performance improvements on high-latency networks, modifications to the embedded GEOLocate client behaviour, functionality to copy Registry groups or users, a new Darwin Core Resource Relationship Extension tab, improvements to multimedia selection and support for TLS 1.3. A number of issues are also resolved in this release.


 07 Aug 20

This release of EMu includes changes and improvements for managing archives and to the Integrated Pest Management facility. Other minor improvements and fixes are also included.


 10 Apr 20

This release of EMu include support for list dialogue filtering and sorting, expanded gender identities in the Parties module, regional number formats and Registry module notes. This release also includes a number of other minor improvements and fixes.


 20 Dec 19

Support for resizing of the EMu client display on scaled (typically high-resolution) monitors and support for Windows dynamic scaling when moving between monitors with different scaling settings. New Condition Update, Re-identification, Relocation & Revaluation privileges. Improvements to the GEOLocate client interface. A host of other minor new features and improvements.


02 Jul 18

The EMu user interface has been completely updated with a modern, flat design. Other EMu improvements include functionality to reorder module tabs, an interface to the GEOLocate web client and support for the EXIF Orientation metadata tag.


02 Dec 16 

The new online help site is now live with updated content. Support for versioning and integration with the EMu client means that you are automatically directed to the help version that is relevant to you. Other EMu improvements include functionality to copy list dialogue items, support for dropping multiple multimedia files onto a multimedia control, Unicode file names and new Import Tool functionality.


16 Nov 15

Includes details about full Unicode support, the new Thesaurus module Browse View mode and Hierarchy View tab, new report formats to improve report generation and loading performance and general EMu performance improvements. Also includes details about the new Events module "Move Object" command, improvements to Mandatory fields and configuring the styling of HTML controls.


07 Aug 14

Includes details about the new Scheduled Operations facility, which enables the scheduling of time and computing intensive operations to be run immediately or at a later time; also describes GUID/UUID support.


08 Oct 13

Working with multiple languages overhauled to allow users with a multi-lingual version of EMu to use the system in either a single language or all languages. Changes include: when All Languages are displayed, the order of languages can be controlled; and data may be altered while I single language is displayed.

Other improvements include: pop-up calendars added to date fields; Static groups now display Summary data; the addition of a Clear group command to clear all the controls in a Group box; support for scanning of multi-page documents; and the ability to scan documents from any module that allows multimedia to be displayed.


14 Dec 12

Supplementary Media, Password Management, Dynamic Security, Archive View, Collection Descriptions module, Lookup List Maintenance, After Export facility.


11 May 11

New IMu Web framework, Multi-group Support, Encrypted Connections, Read-only modes, Exhibitions Objects module, Field Help display in a module window, and more.


28 Jun 10

Includes Support for RTL languages, Scheduled Export Facility, Append values using the Import Facility, ArcExplorer Report Viewer.


24 Jul 09

Statistics module, Record Recall, Record Templates, common geo-referencing tabs, multimedia upgrade, system tuning and copy special.


23 Nov 07

Auditing facility, EAD and ISAD(G) archive support, multimedia component, new audio and video drivers, OAI support and Groups module.


29 Mar 07 

Incorporation of ImageMagick image libraries. Support for EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata. New Conservation module available.


15 Sep 06 

New Web Services structure implemented. HTML mark-up of narratives provided.


26 Jun 06 

XML Import facility added. Support for CSV also available.


06 Apr 06 

Find a Field updated to show tab names. Remove blank rows added to Global Replace. Help files refreshed.


28 Feb 06 

Record level security, page view, resources, new online help, improved searching support for wildcards and empty fields.


17 Sep 04 

Auto refresh facility added. Support for timeouts for web queries added.


07 Jun 04 

New Shortcut facility added. Support for MPEG videos added to Multimedia Repository. New bibliography record types of Electronic and Web Site.


27 Apr 04 

Support for Hebrew character set added. New command emuwebstats provides summary of web access. Support for user order Lookup Lists added.


25 Mar 04 

New command (emurepspurge) for clearing redundant reports. Facility to set background colour on a column basis.


30 Jan 04 

Correct handling of BCE/CE dates. Correct display of '&' character in messages stored in the Registry.


25 Nov 03 

Image overlay printing, support for TWAIN scanners, summary listing when sorting, support for Windows Terminal Services (User DSN's profile support) added. New Relocation tool added.


29 Oct 02

Added support for multiple resolution multimedia.


15 May 02 

Manipulation of cells and rows in LinkGrid controls.


11 Mar 02 

"Auto fill" of hierarchies provided.


18 Jan 02 

Reworked groups to allow query terms to be saved. Support for images in Crystal reports added.


04 Dec 01 

Updated Task tabs and newTemplate module. Added Windows handles caching. Multimedia documents can now be exported.


15 Oct 01

Reworked Bibliography module, module resizing added.


30 Aug 01

Persistent thumbnail added and new Extended Data field incorporated.


22 Aug 01

Multi-select facility, Contact Sheet mode and comprehensive undo facility added.


15 Jun 01

Added viewing thumbnails in List mode. Merge command and Record Status added.


07 Jun 01   

Major upgrade of Bibliography and Taxonomy modules. Narratives, Thesaurus and Propagation modules added. Many other enhancements.


20 Nov 00 

Updated Parties module. Addition of Admin Tasks. Client side help added.


07 Sep 00 

Reworked Multimedia Repository to be Dublin Core 1.1 compliant. Added Module Caching facility to client.


27 Jul 00 

Added US Letter reports for all modules.


13 Jul 00 

Numerous enhancements for NWM. Assorted bug fixes.


09 Jun 00 

New reporting sub-system added. Reverse Reference links added. New sites and collection events modules.


13 Jan 00 

Added support for colour display of mandatory fields. Various bug fixes for CMCC.


24 Dec 99 

Added support for Local References. The Refresh command was added to update modified records. Various fixes with query evaluation.


11 Nov 99 

Audit trail extended for condition, location and valuation changes. Support added for discipline specific lookup tables.


12 Oct 99 

Fixed server side scripts (emubldsetup). Increased size of registry value field. Split the Command Centre for customizations.


23 Sep 99 

Fixed up server side scripts (emucron, emubldlinks, emuregload). Fixed up login process to remove "Bad Local String" error messages.


21 Sep 99 

Fixed up Internet based support for Nmnh catalogue and Gazetter module.


17 Sep 99 

Added user definable column lists so users can select the columns to be shown in list mode. Keyboard shortcuts added to make moving between tabs more efficient.


07 Sep 99 

Added user configurable sorting. Default values can be specified for query and insert modes. duQuerycolumn access privilege introduced to make read-only query controls available.