Release Date: 10 April 2020


  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

  • Texpress 9.0.001 or later

  • TexAPI 6.0.012 or later

  • Perl 5.8.8 or later (excluding 5.10.0)

Axiell EMu Ideas Portal

The portal allows you to submit to and view a collective pool of ideas for future EMu development, vote for those ideas, or ask us development questions. The portal is online at

A number of ideas have been included in the EMu 6.2 release:

Further information is available in the Ideas Portal announcement.

New Features

It is now possible to filter and sort items in list dialogues such as the Reports box.

Most list dialogue column headers display a split button which, when selected, displays a list of filter values. The filter values are either the distinct values of all items of that column or a list of numeric (e.g. 0-9) or character (e.g. A-H) ranges. When a filter value is selected then only the list items with the matching value in the filtered column will be displayed. In the case of ranges, the first character of the list item must fall within the selected range for the item to match.

Multiple filter values can be selected for each column, in which case list items that match any of the filter values will be displayed. Multiple columns can have a filter value, in which case list items must match the filter values of each column to be displayed.

Each list dialogue column header can also be selected to sort the list dialogue items by the values of the selected column.

The following short video demonstrates this functionality:

Expanded Gender Identities

In response to a suggestion submitted to the EMu Ideas Portal existing functionality has been expanded to allow institutions to define their own gender identities in the Parties module.

Removed Default Mandatory Colour

In response to a suggestion submitted to the EMu Ideas Portal the default mandatory background colour has been removed. This resolves a quirk where the previous default colour, white, took precedence over registry-defined colour settings even though the user had never explicitly specified a value for the mandatory background colour.

In addition to this change functionality has been added to allow users to easily reset their colour settings to the default values.

Regional Number Formats

This change implements the use of the decimal separator character as specified by a user's Windows Regional Format setting when displaying decimal and currency values and allows the decimal separator to be used when searching for and entering decimal and currency values. For example, the default decimal separator for users in the French (Canada) region is a comma. For users with this regional setting a comma will be used as the decimal separator when displaying decimal or currency values and a comma can be specified when searching for or entering decimal or currency values.

This functionality must be enabled using the Regional Format registry entry. Administrators can specify that the decimal separator used should always be specified by a user's Windows Regional Format settings or that the decimal separator used should be based on the current EMu data language.

As part of this change region & format settings have been added to the text copied to the clipboard from the About window Copy to Clipboard button.

Registry Notes

Standard and attributed notes tabs have been added to the Registry module. This allows administrators to document new or changed registry entries. Administrators can configure the display of the tab that best suits their needs. The tabs use the standard naming convention for EMu notes tabs:

  • Standard notes tabs: QryNotTab / AllNotTab.

  • Attributed notes tabs: QryNteTab / AllNteTab.

Other Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an issue where the date picker displayed incorrectly on a scaled display.

  • Fixed an issue where the EMu client would stall when moving a module window between scaled displays and the module had a large (e.g. 100,000 records) matching set.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause an access violation error when right-clicking on a link grid that had context-menu customisations.

  • Fixed an issue that may cause errors like “<number> is not a valid floating point value” when the user's Windows decimal symbol is not set to “.” (i.e. the full stop character). This can occur when, for example, the user's Windows Regional format setting is French (France) or French (Canada).

  • Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping a module in the Command Centre onto an empty Favourites section did not add the dragged module to the Favourites.

  • Fixed an access violation error when using the Import Tool for XSLT processing and the XML or XSL files were not well-formed.

  • Added Lookup Lists to the Publication Place field of the Aerial Photograph and Map Series bibliographic types.

  • Fixed an error “Switch from current encoding to specified encoding not supported” when using XSLT processing to transform an XML import file.

  • Fixed an issue where the Thesaurus Browse View “Tree Sort Order” registry entry was not respected.

  • Removed the About window “Copy to Clipboard” button confirmation dialogue.