EMu 3.2.02

Release Date: 15 September 2006


Updates / New Features

  • Web Services (optional): A new Web Services structure has been incorporated into the standard KE EMu server release. The new version (2.0) replaces all existing KE EMu Web Services with a consistent and upgradeable framework. Support for the following facilities is provided:
    Object Locator
    plots objects on a series of floor and grounds plans to allow easy visualisation of the object location. It is also possible to view the details of objects, including images, and to relocate objects via a web interface.
    DiGIR (Distributed Generic Information Retrieval)
    is a data provider protocol that enables institutions to make their biological collections searchable via external portals. An example portal is GBIF.
    Web Maps
    takes a set of data that includes latitude and longitude values and displays the data on maps of the world. It is possible to zoom or pan as required; map overlays allow the effects of various criteria (e.g. rainfall, climate) to be observed.
    allows registered data sources to be searched simultaneously, with the results shown in a web browser. The portal provides for distributed data functionality.

A Web Service to provide access to archival collections via OAI (Open  Archives  Initiative) is available.

Please Note: The above services are optional and need to be purchased separately. For more information please contact KE Software.

  • Report Image Resolution: It is now possible to specify the resolution (height and width) of images when producing a report. If a size is specified, EMu will select the smallest image larger than the supplied values. Using this feature it is possible to dramatically reduce network traffic when generating reports:


  •  Narrative Markup: The Narratives module has been extended to allow the narrative text to be marked up (formatted). It is now possible to add formatting information to the text. HTML tags are used to provide the markup.


  • New Location Tabs: Two new tabs have been added to the Location module. The first, Objects (Perm), displays all objects that use the location as their permanent locality. The Objects (Temp) contains objects that are stored temporarily at the given locality.

Issues Resolved

Issue Resolution

Attaching a bibliography record to the Published InOther will result in all tabs being hidden, except for Notes, Multimedia and Admin. field for records of type


All tabs for record type Other are now displayed correctly.

Latin 1 characters (western European) do not display correctly when viewed within Page View mode.


Latin 1 characters are now shown correctly.

Restoring a Group while the cursor is in a Link Grid control may generate an access violation.


The group is now restored correctly.

If the first control on a tab is a Radio Button, then the first time the tab is visited the first radio button will be activated, rather than the selected one.


The selected Radio Button is now activated at all times.

Adding an Also Search facility to a reference field may result in search terms being applied incorrectly to the local fields as well as the reference fields.


Only the reference fields are now searched.

If a search term contains a single quote and the Show Search... command is selected, the query displayed will contain some extra characters.


The correct query is now displayed.

If Shortcuts are enabled and a record is discarded, an error indicating that  "column operation performed before row accessed" may be displayed.


The error message is no longer displayed.

If the Security tab is disabled, the Publish on Internet flags may not be set to their default value.


The default value is always set correctly.

If form caching is enabled, the current Ditto record may not be set correctly when the form is re-used.


The correct ditto record is now set.

The Security tab in the Bibliography module is always read-only, regardless of the user privileges set.


The tab access is now set correctly based on the user privileges.

The Subjects query field in the Narratives module does not have a thesaurus access button associated with it.


A thesaurus access button has been added.

If a lookup list value contains an underscore character (_), you will be prompted to insert the value each time the record is saved, regardless of whether the term exists already.


You are now only prompted the first time the term is saved.

Importing data that results in the addition of taxonomy records may fail to create the records, logging an access violation error message.


Taxonomy records can now be created successfully.

When viewing records in List mode with ShortcutsDetail mode. enabled, double clicking on a field will not take you to the corresponding field in


Double clicking now shows the correct field in Detail mode.

Upgrade Notes

The upgrade from KE EMu Version 3.2.01 to KE EMu 3.2.02 involves a number of steps. Please follow the instructions below carefully.
Do not skip any steps under any circumstances.
Before proceeding with the update please ensure that a complete backup of the KE EMu server exists and is restorable.

  1. Install KE Texpress 8.1.003 or greater.
  2. Install KE TexAPI 3.1.010 or greater.
  3. Log in as emu.

    The following steps need to be repeated for each client installed on the KE EMu server.
    Please ensure that no one is using the system while the upgrade is underway.

  4. Enter client client
  5. Enter upgrade-3-2-02
  6. Go back to instruction 3 to commence upgrading the next client, until all clients are complete.