Release Date: 26 June 2006


Updates / New Features

  • XML Import: A new facility has been added to KE EMu 3.2 that allows data files to be imported. The import tool accepts the following file formats:
    • XML (eXtensible Markup Language)
    • CSV (Comma Separated Values)
    • Tab delimited


    The facility has a number of features:
    • a wizard to guide you through the import process
    • support for record creation and updating
    • user selectable options on how attachments should be resolved:
      • create new record
      • generate an error
      • use first match
      • stop import and ask which attachment to use
    • perform data validation before loading
    • applies standard insertion functionality:
      • lookup list insertion (provided read/write access is enabled)
      • auto-fill applied
      • mandatory fields checked
      • IRN range checked
      • insert default values filled
    • a log file is generated with three levels of verbosity selectable.
    • erroneous records added to an error file in the same format as the import file, allowing errors to be corrected and then reloaded.
    • a subset of the records in the data file may be loaded by providing a start record number and the number of records to import.
    • a new operational privilege, daImport, allows access to the import facility to be restricted on a user/group and module basis.
    • standard operational and security privileges apply throughout the import process.
    • an Import identifier can be assigned, allowing easy retrieval of all imported records.
    • when the process has completed, the records imported are displayed.
    More information can be found in the pdfHow to use the Import tool documentation.
  • Ditto change: When the ditto record is changed it is now updated for all instances of the module that are in use, rather than just the one in which the change was made.

Issues Resolved

Issue Resolution

Dragging and dropping text between two RichEdit controls changed in EMu 3.1 so that the text was removed from the originating control.


The text is no longer removed.

A lookup list entry that contains a single quote may result in being asked to insert the value each time it is used.


You are only asked the first time the value is used.

When changing display languages from English to English (US) or visa versa the module title may repeat the module name.


The module title now displays correctly.

If indexing parameters have changed and emureindex is run, the EMu Registry may not be in a state to be consulted.


The Registry is now rebuilt before any other modules.

If the precision of latitude and longitude values is altered and decreased, the centroid precision is not adjusted correctly.


The correct precision is now displayed.

Checkbox controls do not appear in the list of controls that can be used in a Global Replace.


Checkboxes are now selectable.

When using the default Page View report an error is displayed in modules that do not contain Extended Data.


The error is no longer displayed.

The Description and Results fields on the Tasks tab do not grow when the module is resized.


The fields now grow correctly.

Some of the server scripts do not correctly skip the generic ecatalogue table and use the client specific table.


All scripts now use the client specific table name.

The EMu 3.1 installation did not enable lookup list insertion for the Field Help module.


The EMu 3.2 upgrade script adds the missing Registry entries.

If the Ditto All command is selected on the Multimedia tab, the information is inserted correctly, however the display is not updated.


The display is updated correctly.

If Icon Images are displayed for a given record and an insertion commenced, the image is not removed until the record is saved.


The Icon Image is removed once the insertion is commenced.

If the values in a nested table are cleared and the record saved without making any other change, a message may result indicating that a unique value is required.


The message is no longer displayed.

If indexing parameters are set for a column so that both NULL and PARTIAL indexing is specified, only the NULL indexing is enabled.


Both NULL and PARTIAL indexing are set correctly.

If a read-only column is the first column in List mode, it is not displayed as read-only.


The column is now greyed out.

If a ComboBox control is used in a Global Replace, and the control is part of a hierarchy, only the top level of the hierarchy is displayed.


The correct level in the hierarchy is shown.

Other Updates 


Upgrade Notes

Due to the change from KE Texpress 8.1.001 to KE Texpress 8.1.003 the upgrade process from KE EMu 3.1 to KE EMu 3.2 requires a number of steps to be performed. In order to streamline this process a separate set of notes has been produced describing the complete upgrade process. Please use these notes when upgrading rather than the standard upgrade procedure:

If the version of Crystal reports shipped with the client installation has changed, you will need to install the KE EMu client on all client machines, otherwise a network install is sufficient.