Release Date: 25 November 2003



  • A new Parts tab has been added to many catalogues. The Parts tab provides a visual mechanism for picturing the relationship between an object and its parts.


    For complete details on the new Parts tab please see the following document  pdfCan I show all parts of an object on a Parts tab?
  • The Sorting facility has been extended to allow a summary of the sort fields to be produced. The summary lists each unique value with a count next to it indicating the number of times the value appears. Clicking on a term takes you to the first record that contains that value. Support for multi-level summaries is also provided.


  • The Multimedia module now provides support for TWAIN compatible devices allowing images to be scanned directly into the multimedia repository.
  • A Relocate tool has been added to most catalogues. The tool allows bulk relocations to be performed. More details can be found in pdfWhat's new with locations?
  • A new multimedia printing facility has been added that allows you to print images with watermarks and text overlays. For more details see pdfWhat can I do when printing multimedia images?
  • User defined images may now be displayed in the Summary Data area based on data within a record. For more details see pdfWhat are Image Displays?
  • In order to provide complete support for Windows Terminal Server platforms and to allow users who do not have Administrator privileges to fully use the EMu client a number of changes have been made to the locations data is stored on your Windows machine. All local files are now stored on a per user basis, thus restricting access to these files to the user only. The changes are:
    • ODBC data sources used for reporting are no longer System DSN entries. The new installer removes the old data sources. New User DSN entries are created on a user basis, the first time a user runs the client. The data source names are the same as for previous releases, thus ensuring all existing reports still function correctly.
    • The following file groups are now stored on a per user basis:
      • User dictionaries employed by the spell checker
      • Report data and document files
      • Multimedia cache
  • A number of fields in various modules have been modified to enforce uniqueness. It is also possible to set up automatic numbering on these fields via a registry entry. For details on enabling automatic numbering see pdfHow do I perform auto incrementation on a column?. The following columns are configured to support automatic numbering:

    ModuleColumn PromptColumn Name
    Accession Lots Lot Number LotLotNumber
    Collection Events Collection Event Code ColCollectionEventCode
    Conservation Conservation Number ReqConservationIdentifier
    Events Event Number EveEventNumber
    Loans Loan Number InfLoanNumber
    Locations Barcode LocBarcode
    Movements Movement Number InfMovementNumber
    Rights Right Number RigNumber
    Sites Site Number SitSiteNumber
  • A new hidden status can now be associated with a lookup list entry. Entries with this status are available for selection in Query mode, but not in Insert/Edit mode by default . The status allows you to have a defined set of terms from which a user must select when inserting/editing records while still allowing a full set of values for querying. Using this feature it is possible to enforce a set of "clean" values for record changes, while still allowing searching with the "clean" and "non-clean" values. The permissions on a lookup list have been extended to:
    • ReadOnly - new values cannot be added and record cannot be saved.
    • ReadIgnore - new value cannot be added, but can be ignored and record can be saved.
    • ReadWrite - new values can be inserted.
    • WriteIgnore - new values can be inserted or ignored.
    • AutoWrite - new values are inserted automatically.
    Using the new permissions (ReadIgnore and WriteIgnore) you can allow certain users to insert records while not adding values to a lookup list. The following registry entries may be used to alter the default behaviour for viewing "hidden" lookup list entries:
    Group|group|Table|table|Insert Lookup Show Hidden|Default|value
    Group|group|Table|table|Insert Lookup Show Hidden|column|value Group|group|Table|table|Query Lookup Show Hidden|Default|value
    Group|group|Table|table|Query Lookup Show Hidden|column|value

    where value is true or false. The column is the column name to which the registry entry applies.
  • Starting an edit on a record that has been changed by another user now displays a message giving you the option to cancel the change or to refresh the record with the latest version and continue the edit. The message displayed is:


  • A check is now performed when you login to EMu to ensure that the version of the server to which you are connecting is the same or newer than the client. A similar check is performed to ensure that the client invoked is compatible with the server to which you are connecting. For more details see pdfWhat is the new version control mechanism?
  • A new registry entry allows a message to be displayed to users when they login to EMu. The format of the entry is:
    System|Login Message|message
    where message is the text to be shown.
  • The Rights modules has been extended to allow for the recording and management of Permits. Three new tabs are provided, two for general purpose permits and one for site permits (permit to visit a site).
  • The Parties module has been extended to provide support for Index Herbariorum records. Support for people and organisations has been added.
  • A new Associations tab has been added to the Gazetteer module. The tab allows associations between gazetteer locations to be established.
  • Drag and drop support has been added to allow thumbnails on the Multimedia tab to be dragged into other modules.
  • A new field called Period has been added to the Gazetteer module on the Other Names tab. The field value is generated automatically from the Earliest and Latest dates and gives a quick view of the time period for which a location was known by a particular name.
  • Support for BCE/CE suffixes on dates has been added. The current BC/AD suffixes may also be used.

Issues Resolved

  • Previously, moving a sub-tree in the Thesaurus module may have resulted in the sub-tree not being visible in browse mode. The relocated sub-tree is now visible.
  • Closing the Edit Search... dialog box (File->Show Search...) via the dialog close button sometimes resulted in an error message indicating a Syntax Error has occurred. The dialog box now closes correctly.
  • If you enabled multiple language support and enabled Show Trailing Delimiters,  moving sub-trees in the Thesaurus module may have resulted in incorrect hierarchies being produced. The correct hierarchy is now built.
  • Email notifications for upcoming activities (eg. Loans, Events, Tasks, etc) where not being sent to people whose Parties record had a Party Type consisting of more than one word. Notifications are now sent to all Party Type people.
  • On occasion, the program emulutsrebuild did not build the correct Lookup List term for entries that contain non-space punctuation characters. The correct term is now generated.
  • When attempting to save a report document (Crystal, Word, Excel, etc) for a new report from the Report Properties... dialog box , a Index out of Bounds (4) error may have occurred. The report document now saves correctly.
  • On occasion a report document (Crystal, Word, Excel, etc) was not removed from the server after it was deleted from the Reports... dialog box. The report document is now removed correctly. 
  • Under certain circumstances the Multimedia tab for the first record in a new search showed the multimedia associated with a previous search. This only occurred if the first record did not have any associated multimedia. The correct details are now displayed.
  • When in Browse mode in the Thesaurus module, the Attach button did not copy the term back into the calling module. The Attach button now functions correctly.
  • When a Parties record of type Collaboration was attached to a Bibliography record the Summary Data for the party record was not displayed. The Summary Data for the party record is now displayed.
  • Double clicking on a ditto record in the Ditto dialog box occasionally resulted in an Access Violation error. Double clicking now selects the ditto record and closes the dialog box.
  • The Bibliography module did not display the correct hierarchy of tabs for a record on systems that used multiple languages. The correct tab hierarchy is now displayed.
  • The Copy and Cut operations on rows in a LinkGrid control occasionally did not copy all the cells onto the Windows clipboard. In this instance a Paste operation was not available when it should have been. All cell information is now copied to the Windows clipboard.
  • Setting a default value for a ComboBox control (Edit->Default Values->Change...) did not result in the correct default value being displayed the first time the ComboBox was viewed. The correct default entry is now set.
  • The program emulutsrebuild occasionally did not build a Lookup List that is shared by multiple columns correctly. The entries for only one of the columns was available. The entries for all columns are now generated.
  • Email notifications may still be sent for tasks that are completed for systems that support multiple languages.
  • If form caching was turned on for the Thesaurus module (Tools->Options->Modules), each invocation of the module resulted in a duplication of the browse tree. Only one instance of the browse tree is now displayed .
  • When performing a series of record deletions the mechanism that checks whether records are referenced sometimes  incorrectly listed modules in which the record is not referenced. Only the modules in which the record is referenced are now displayed.
  • Sometimes when performing a spell check, an error occurred indicating that a window cannot get focus. This error occured when the spell check routine visited tabs that are invisible and finds a word not in the dictionary. The spell check routine now skips invisible tabs.
  • On occasion, the program emulutsrebuild did not build the correct lookup list entries for terms that contain extended characters (characters with diacritics). The correct lookup list entries are now created.
  • Catalogues that support the Independently Moveable field have been updated to ensure that objects that are not independently moveable are moved automatically with their parent.
  • Searching on the Name field in the Lookup List module was slow and required the complete name of the Lookup List to be entered. The Name field is now searchable on a word basis (same as other text fields in EMu) and fast searching is provided.
  • The values displayed in a ComboBox were not sorted in alphabetical order under certain circumstances. All ComboBox lists are now sorted alphabetically.
  • When changing the system owner of EMu via the emuchangeuser command the owner of group records was not updated. The owner is now updated correctly.
  • A query term of just "!" caused a blank message box to be displayed and the query is aborted. A bad query message is now displayed.
  • Clearing the Birth Date or Death Date field in the Parties module sometimes resulted in the values reappearing when the record is saved. The values now remain cleared.
  • Entering costings into the Finance tab sometimes resulted in the error xxx is not a valid floating point value and the total not being calculated. The total is now calculated correctly and the error no longer displayed.
  • Fields that were not part of a module (eg. fields in the edocuments table) may have been added to a report. When the report is run an error is generated since the access permissions cannot be determined. These fields can no longer be included in a report.
  • Running a report with a large number of images sometimes resulted in the images being cleared from the multimedia cache before they are shown in the report. The images in a report are now kept until the next report is generated.
  • If a column in a LinkGrid was hidden and the column was part of a hierarchy the Autofill facility sometimes generated an error indicating an invalid cell has been selected. The hierarchy is now updated correctly.
  • Switching between different prompt languages resulted in the title of the module window being displayed incorrectly. The correct title is now displayed.
  • Query default values were not loaded when invoking a module via the Attachment button with a value supplied. The query default values are now loaded correctly.
  • Under certain circumstances, when attaching a record the attaching module was not displayed even if only one match is found. The attaching module is now displayed only if there is more than one matching record.
  • Cycling between module windows using CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB ceases when the Command Centre has been given focus. The module cycling now continues past the Command Centre.
  • When changing the Published in field in the Bibliography module to a record of the same type as the current Published in link an error was displayed indicating that the type already exists. You can now change the Published in field to reference a record of the same type as the current attachment without receiving an error.
  • When attaching Parties records where the Full Name field is displayed an empty value was shown for Organisation records. The Full Name field is now populated with the name of the organisation for Organisation party records.
  • If the Save Last Position or Save Last Size option is clicked (Tools->Options->Command Centre) the window position or size was not saved until the window is moved or resized respectively. The window settings are now saved when either option is clicked.
  • The keys used to navigate in a LinkGrid have been extended to provide easier movement around the cells. The F2 key now toggles between editing the value in a cell and setting focus on the cell for movement commands. The RETURN key ends input in the current cell and moves focus to the next cell to the right, or the first cell of the next row if you are at the right hand end of the grid. SHIFT+RETURN operates in the same way as RETURN except to moves to the previous cell.
  • If a user did not have permission to attach multimedia records the menu option is disabled correctly, however the Attachment button was still enabled. The button is now disabled correctly.
  • Users of Windows 2000/XP who were not logged in as either Administrator or in group Administrators could not create the directories required for the multimedia cache and the reports data sources. Reports data and the multimedia cache are now located under the users "Local Data" area. 
  • If a list of values was checked against a read-only lookup list where the list contains empty values, the checking stoped at the first empty value. All values are now checked correctly against the read-only lookup list.
  • Right clicking in the browse window of the Thesaurus module when there is no hierarchy displayed sometimes resulted in an access violation error message. The expected popup menu is now displayed correctly.
  • If a field appears more than once on the query tabs and you entered terms into one instance the terms may not have been populated automatically in the other instance. The terms are now updated correctly.
  • If you had module caching enabled (Tools->Options->Modules) the number of modules cached was one greater than the number you specify. The correct number of modules is now cached.
  • A lookup list entry that contains an ampersand (&) did not display correctly when incorporated into messages. The ampersand was replaced with an underscore under the next character. Ampersands are now displayed correctly.
  • Viewing records in List mode with multimedia displayed and then switching to the Multimedia tab sometimes resulted in incorrect data being displayed. The correct data is now shown.
  • When restructuring the thesaurus the restructure sometimes hung under certain circumstances. The restructure now runs to completion.
  • When keying a term into a thesaurus controlled field where the term was an acceptable alternate term the term was accepted without showing the alert associated with its corresponding term. The alert is now displayed.
  • Using  thesaurus searching (eg #Term) found all records with Term somewhere in the field rather than just those records that exactly match Term.  Records that contain only Term are now retrieved

Upgrade Notes

Due to the change from Texpress 7.2 to Texpress 8.0 the upgrade process from EMu 2.1 to EMu 3.0 requires a number of steps to be performed. In order to streamline this process a separate set of notes has been produced describing the complete upgrade process. Please use these notes when upgrading rather than the standard upgrade procedure:

  • Upgrade of EMu 2.1 to EMu 3.0 (UNIX) [Archived]
  • Upgrade of EMu 2.1 to EMu 3.0 (Windows NT/2000/XP) [Archived]

Changes made to the KE EMu 3.0 release just before publication require you to install the EMu client on all client machines, even those that had a beta EMu 3.0 client installed.