EMu 1.0.414

Release Date: 21 September 1999

New Features

  • A new speed button newquery.gif was added for the New Query command. The previous speed button previousquery.gif was converted to the Previous Query command.
  • When a server operation was Aborted the operation was terminated, but a message indicating the server was interrupted was shown. The message has now been removed.

Bugs Fixed

  • A problem in the texserver query optimiser resulted in Merge Query and Replace commands not functioning correctly. The problem occured when a query contained a * or a !* as part of the query in a nested table. It was also possible to get record locks left on records used in the Replace command. The problem has been fixed in Texpress 6.1.008.
  • The Nmnh catalogue and the Gazetteer module did not link in the Internet based fields correctly. The Gazetteer module had new fields added to the server forms to support Internet based fields.
  • When reports are generated, trailing newline characters are now stripped off all fields. Reporting used to produce large data fields containing just blank lines. When Crystal Reports read these fields and printed them large blank areas would appear in reports. The change is in Texpress 6.1.008.
  • The SCO release of texserver would not allow the EMu client to interrupt commands (e.g. sorting, searhcing, etc.). The first interrupt would work on Linux based systems, and then the rest fail. The signal handler was not being set up correctly in texserver. The problme has been fixed in Texpress 6.1.008.

Upgrade Notes

  • None.