Release Date: 17 September 1999

New Features

  • Users can now define what columns they would like displayed in list mode. A new set of commands (View>Columns menu) are available for defining column lists for display. The Change... command (View>Columns>Change) lists the named column lists which can be selected. Using the New... button on the list dialog allows a new column list to be defined. The Properties... command (View>Columns>Properties) displays the columns to be viewed for the current column list. If the user owns the entry the list may be changed. The Save Column Settings... command (View>Columns>Save Column Settings) saves the column widths (and order) for the current column list. All column lists have security associated with them. The column list owner can define who may access the entry. Right clicking in the display list will also display the Columns menu.
  • The left and right arrows can now be used to move off the front/end of a row to the previous/next row respectively in a listgrid.
  • When a value is selected from a pick list in query mode the selected entry is enclosed in double quotes (making it a phrase query). This behaviour is in line with texforms and provides for better index support for pick list searches.
  • Users can now move focus down to the tabs area via the Move to Tabs command (Edit>Move to Tabs). In order to make this efficient for keyboard users ^T is provided as a keyboard short cut.
  • Users can move move to a specific tab by entering CTRL + SHIFT + letter where letter is the first character of the caption of the required tab. If more than one tab has the same leading letter the next tab on from the current one is selected (looping around to the first tab).
  • Four new fields have been added to the Movements module. All the fields are related to the Arrival Details. They contain information about the dates the object reached its destination. The four fields are:
    • Arrival Date - the date the object reached its destination.
    • Date Processed - the date the arrival paperwork was completed and the object stored.
    • Received By - a link to Parties identifying the person who received the object.
    • Scheduled return date - the date the object is scheduled for return.
  • The French components of the Crystal Report Writer were upgraded to version 7.0. The InstallShield scripts were modified to distribute the new dll's.

Bugs Fixed

  • When attaching a multimedia document (video or audio) that cannot be handled by the Microsoft MCI drivers, the Multimedia Manager would leave the media display window invisible. Now a suitable error message is displayed and a broken image is shown in the media window.
  • When attaching Multimedia records to other modules with the Automatically Load Media option disabled a "List out of Bounds" error was generated. This error has now been fixed.
  • When specifying not ! based queries a large number of false matches were generated. The Texpress server built an incorrect query tree leading to this problem. The server has now been fixed (6.1.007).

Upgrade Notes

  • None