EMu 1.0.419

Release Date: 13 January 2000

New Features

  • It is possible to define a colour used to display mandatory fields. The fields are drawn with the selected colour when being edited or inserted. The colour can be defined in the EMu Options> Edit page.
  • The Lot Details area of the Accession Lots module has been increased to allow up to 57 entries to be entered.

Bugs Fixed

  • It was possible to select Discard... while in edit mode. EMu would not ask whether the changes should be saved, but rather discarded the record and left you in edit mode on the next record. EMu now asks whether the record should be saved before discarding it.
  • The Object(1) and Object(2)and Location(1) tabs for CMCC have been renamed to follow the current tab naming convention. They still used the original naming convention.
  • It was possible to save records to a group that you did not own. The checks have been updated so that now only the owner of a group can save to it at any time.

Upgrade Notes

  • None