Release Date: 13 July  2000


New Features

  • EMu client Parties module has had email and web address Insert/Edit/Display fields lengthened.
  • Module parties Postal/Zip Code for  each of Physical and Postal address has had a Lookup table added has been linked in to the respective Address hierarchy.
  • Locations module has had a reverse reference tab for "Internal Movements" added.
  • Numerous enhancements to the EMu (NWM) catalogue.

Bugs Fixed

  • Generating a report when logged into Windows NT as a non Administrator user will fail with the message "Cannot open SQL server" when trying to view the report. It is a bug in the Seagate Software Crystal Reports Version 8 file installed in .../EMu/Crystal/p2sodbc.dll  file. Replacing this file with the Crystal Reports Version 7 version of ps2odbc.dll rectifies this problem.
    An alternative fix is as Adminsirator run regedt32. Select the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ODBC, then select Security->Permissions from the pull down menus. In the Registry Key Permission dialog check Replace Permission on Existing Subkeys, for the Everyone change the Type of Access to Full Control and then click OK. You will be asked to confirm with the message Do you want to replace the permissions on all existing subkeys within ODBC?. Click Yes.
  • In Collection Events and Sites modules the Summary Data calculation in the server insertion form validation expression has some unitialised local variables. These variables incorrectly maintained some values from previous records and hence incorrect Summary Data was generated. Now fixed.
  • Parties Summary Data expression was changed in release 500 to calculate differently for EMu Gallery clients. This has been replaced so that the parties Summary Data is calculated in the same way for all EMU clients.
  • Locations module, Display mode (Detail), Objects tab. Error occurs if you have:
    1) Show Filled Tabs option set;
    2) Show All tabs option set and you visit the Objects tab.
    You will get the error message similar to TexAPI Error:
    Can't find "/home/ke/emu/aga/data/LocUcrrentLocationRef" directory.
    Unable to resolve "LocUcrrentLocationRef". (Number -211) at offset 51
    Either way the SummaryData of all Objects which reference this location is not displayed.
    The locations form ObjObjectsRef_tab column had its RefColumn attribute incorrectly spelt as "LocUcrrentLocationRef" where it should be "LocCurrentLocationRef".
    Now fixed.
  • When viewing the "Objects" tab in Collection Events an error message displayed indicating "ColCollectionEvent" cannot be found. The link column name was wrong. It has been changed to the correct name - ColCollectionEventRef.
  • The syncbldmap server script did not handle inheritence of forms correctly. It built an incorrect sync map for forms where they inherit from a base module (eg cmccsites from sites). The map builder has been changed to handle "inherited" columns as well as "object" columns.
  • If a default was set for a column in a Multi-column LinkGrid, then the error "Index out of bounds (-1)" resulted when the default values are loaded.
  • When dittoing a record the multimedia is dittoed with broken images. This only applied to the reference field in the emultimedia database.

Upgrade Notes