Release Date: 13 September 2021


  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Texpress 9.0.001 or later
  • TexAPI 6.0.012 or later
  • Perl 5.8.8 or later (excluding 5.10.0)

Axiell EMu Ideas Portal

The portal allows you to submit to and view a collective pool of ideas for future EMu development, vote for those ideas, or ask us development questions. The portal is online at:

New Features

The new features available in EMu 6.5 are:

OpenID Connect Authorisation Support

Support for the OpenID Connect authorisation protocol has been added to the EMu client. This allows institutions to securely delegate EMu user authentication to an external provider such as Microsoft or Google. The benefits of using OpenID Connect include:

  • Improved Security
  • Reduced Administration
  • Support for Single Sign-On

More details are available in the EMu Help.

  • This feature requires Texpress 9.0.027 or greater.
  • This feature is not available to the "out-of-the-box" EMu clients such as the Art or Museum clients.

French Online Help

A French version of the EMu Online Help has been released and is available at

The EMu client now launches the French Online Help for contextual help requests when French prompts are being displayed.

Enhanced Error Dialogue

A new dialogue has been added to make it easier to access detailed error information:

Error Dialogue

These details can easily be saved or copied to include when reporting issues to Axiell.

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an issue where the GUID Value could be erroneously populated with "Plugin error (GUIDProcess): Client error: Cannot write to pipe" values if the background loads were running during database maintenance.

  • Fixed the error "Column operation performed before row has been accessed" when changing the active group during record creation.

  • When dropping media onto the Multimedia pane of a record, check that we can edit the record before creating the multimedia record for the dropped media. If we cannot edit the record, report an error and do not create the multimedia record.

  • Restrict integer values used when searching to the range of values supported by the Texpress version.

  • Fixed an issue where the group of the user was not set for any module when module caching was used. This could lead to permission and setting issues as the module settings for that group would not have been correctly loaded.

  • Fixed an issue where exhibit event object status values were potentially not synced correctly to the exhibit object record when cleared. Because of this, the status values would be reloaded from the exhibit object on save instead of being cleared.

  • Fixed Record Template "List index out of bounds" error when using the Enter button to move to the next page.

  • Fixed an issue where newly created list dialogue items (e.g. Reports or List Views) were not automatically selected when the item's Properties window was closed.

  • Fixed an issue where large Scheduled Exports files were truncated at ~2GB.

  • The Save Scan format box no longer accepts unspecified file formats.

  • Fixed an issue where scheduled export files could not be launched or saved from the Exports module when the export name contained certain characters e.g. "é".

  • Fixed an issue where displaying Field Help on the Multimedia (AllMulTab) tab would show the help for the MulMultiMediaRef_tab column irrespective of the selected field.

  • Respect the Sort after Search setting for searches generated from attachment fields.

  • Fixed an issue where the text Identifier: (Resource Information) would display instead of the text Multimedia in a field list, for example, when selecting the fields to display in List View mode. The Multimedia field displays a multimedia thumbnail or image.

  • Corrected the French translation of the status dialogue presented after adding a record to a Static group.

  • Fixed focus moving away from the Narratives module tabs list when displaying the Narrative tab.

  • Fixed an intermittent TexAPI error “Column operation performed before row has been accessed” when running reports on an EMu server and client installed on Azure cloud.

Upgrade Notes

See Upgrade 6.4 to 6.5 for details.