Release Date: 16 November 2015



Download a PDF document containing these release notes and associated documents: pdfInternational English or pdfUS English.

New Features

Thesaurus Browse View

The Thesaurus module Browse View option has been updated with many new functionality and usability improvements, including:

  • Seamless interaction with other EMu modes (Search, Display and Edit) and views (List, Contact Sheet, Page and Details). Records selected in the Browse View are displayed in the main EMu window according to the current view.
  • All of the hierarchies of the current record in EMu can be displayed in the Browse View, either automatically or at the click of a button.
  • Additional options for navigating between and showing or hiding terms in the Browse View have been added.
  • The new Hierarchy View tab displays all of the hierarchies for the displayed records term.

Thesaurus Browse View

A complete description can be found in the Thesaurus Browse View and Hierarchy View tab documentation.

Reporting Formats

New report formats have been added to improve report generation and loading performance. It is now possible to report directly to an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) data source or to an ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) Recordset object. The new report types are:

  • Crystal - reports directly in ODBC format, removing the need for an ODBC filtering process.
  • Crystal ADO - reports in ADO Recordsets for Crystal which are accessible via Crystal's ADO connector.
  • Microsoft ADO - reports in ADO Recordsets for Microsoft products.

Existing Crystal Report and Microsoft (Excel, Power Point and Word) report types that currently connect to an ODBC data source can be changed to use an ADO Recordset.

A description of ADO reporting can be found in the ADO Reports documentation.

Unicode Support

Full support for Unicode has been added, including:

  • Support for the Unicode 8.0 character set.
  • Data stored using UTF-8 encoding.
  • Character folding for all Unicode characters.
  • Use of the Default Unicode Collation Element Table (DUCET) for collation (default Unicode sorting order).
  • Punctuation is indexed and searchable.
  • Punctuation characters with special meaning (!~@$^&*()=") must now be escaped with a leading backslash.
  • Auto-phrasing where indexed terms are not separated by spaces are searched as a phrase.

A complete description can be found in the Unicode documentation.

Download a Unicode Cheatsheet: IE English | US English


Performance Improvements

Performance improvements have been made to sorting, exact matching, reporting and attachment searches in EMu. Some examples of the observed performances improvements are:

  • Sorting improvements:
    ModuleRecordsOld TimeNew TimeFactor Improvement
    Catalogue 270,000 2:15 0:45 x3
    Parties 25,000 1:20 0:02 x40
    Events 22,000 2:15 0.015 x90
    The performance improvement increases with the size of the module. The modules are listed from small to large.
  • Exact matching improvements:
    ModuleRecordsOld TimeNew TimeFactor Improvement
    Catalogue 250,000 1:30 0.15 x6
    Thesaurus 115,000 6:45 0:15 x27
    Events 22,000 2:20 0.01 x80
    The performance improvement increases with the size of the module. The modules are listed from small to large.
  • Reporting improvements:
    ModuleRecordsOld TimeNew TimeFactor Improvement
    Bibliography 6,500 1:00 0.10 x6
    Parties 70,000 10:00 1:00 x10
    The performance improvement increases with the size of the module. The modules are listed from small to large.
  • Attachment searching improvements:
    ModuleRecordsOld TimeNew TimeFactor Improvement
    Sites 10,000 10:00 1:50 x6
    Parties 200,000 60:00 9:30 x11

Mandatory field consistency improvements

The consistency of the behaviour of grid and edit fields associated with columns that have been set as mandatory using the Mandatory Registry entry has been improved. The behaviour has been modified so that when a user tries to leave an empty edit or grid field that uses a mandatory column, the user will first be presented with the mandatory pop-up message. If the user tries to leave the field again, the mandatory pop-up message will not be presented until they re-enter and leave the empty field again or the record is saved. Prior to these changes mandatory settings that applied to edit fields were only triggered when the record was saved.

Additionally, changes have been made so the Lookup List buttons of grid controls that are associated with mandatory columns can be used without triggering the mandatory pop-up message.

Events module Move Objects command

A command has been added to the Tools drop down menu of the Events module that uses the Exhibit Objects extensions. The command allows objects selected in the Objects grid on the Objects tab to be moved to another Event record. Associated Exhibit Object records are also moved:

Events Move Objects Menu

To use the command you select a series of rows in the Objects grid corresponding to the objects to be moved. Once they are selected the Tools>Move>Objects to another Event record command can be invoked. A new instance of the Events module is displayed allowing the user to locate the record to which the objects should be moved. The bn Attach Current Record button is clicked to make the selection. Once the Event record is selected the user is asked to confirm the movement of objects to the selected Event record. Once confirmed the objects are moved one at a time. When the operation is complete, the number of objects moved is displayed.

Styling of HTML controls

A new Column CSS Registry entry has been added, making it possible to specify the default font family and font size for EMu client controls that display HTML formatted text. An example of an HTML control is the control associated with the NarNarratives column on the Narrative tab of the Narratives module.

A complete description can be found in the EMu Help documentation for the Column CSS Registry entry.


Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an issue when using the Import Tool where a new line character in appended data assigns the data to the incorrect row of the specified column.
  • Fixed an issue when using the Internal tab of the Movements module to update the Location of an attached object; the irn of the new Location would be put in the Movement Notes of the Catalogue instead of the Movements Notes of the Movements module.
  • Corrected the display of the full name of the Source in Accession Lots module Summary Data.
  • Changed the behaviour when adding image types that support multiple images in a single file (specifically the TIFF, TIFF/EP and DNG file formats) to the Multimedia module. Previously the "last" image from the file was selected as the Multimedia module master image;  now the "first" image is used.
  • Fixed an issue where a mini-multimedia component linked to a grid did not update when the grid row was changed.
  • Fixed an issue where dates before 30 December 1899 entered in a control via the pop-up calendar were off by one day.
  • Fixed an issue where the value of the active cell of a grid control was retained when moving between records.
  • Fixed an issue where controls would appear outside of the tab boundaries when the View>Thumbnail menu option was specified.
  • Fixed an issue where updating Holder records in the Locations module did not trigger updates to the associated fields of Catalogue records using that location.
  • Fixed an issue where the Operations module could not be accessed with the error "You are not a registered user of "eoperations" table."
  • Fixed an issue where Lookup List buttons were not correctly enabled or disabled when a record was set to read-only using Record Level Security.
  • Fixed an issue where IMu server log files would overlap when the IMu server configuration setting process-count was greater than one.
  • Corrected the placement of the French translation for the "Time Moved" caption in the Tools>Relocate dialogue.
  • Fixed an issue where aborting an operation (e.g. reporting) would cause the display of a different record than the record that was displayed prior to the operation.
  • Fixed the display of Unicode characters in Admin Task controls.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lookup List values displayed might not be correct for Lookup hierarchies where the hierarchy included grid and edit controls and those controls were linked to another grid control.
  • Fixed an issue where merging records via the Additional Search>Merge menu option would produce the error "TexAPI Error: (Number 0)".
  • Fixed an issue where generating resolutions of a TIFF file and a Multimedia|Metadata|Embed Registry entry specified that some or all of the tags should be embedded in the generated resolution resulted in an "Access Violation" error.
  • Fixed an issue where the emuoperations utility did not correctly handle date orders other than "dmy" (day, month, year).
  • Fixed an issue where Lookup List hierarchy values associated with a grid were not automatically back-filled if the Lookup button was used and the cursor was not in the grid.
  • Fixed an issue while running multiple simultaneous multimedia imports in multiple instances of the EMu client where the system-generated multimedia resolutions could be assigned to the wrong multimedia record.
  • Fixed an issue where data might not have been saved when adding a Lookup value to an edit field that is part of a Lookup hierarchy with a grid field and both fields are linked to another grid field.
  • Fixed an issue where data might not be saved to the correct row when the user invokes undo (e.g. via the Edit>Undo menu option) when the cursor is within a grid that is linked to another grid.
  • Added a missing entry to the crontab configuration file used for new EMu installations.
  • Fixed an issue where Lookup Lists did not sort according to the user-defined Sort Order in the Lookup Lists module.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect start and end dates values were set when a user-initiated export was run via the Tools>Exports... menu dialogue.

Upgrade Notes

See Upgrade 4.3 to 5.0 for details.