Release Date: 7 September 2000


New Features

  • A new KEColumn property, Reportable, has been added. If the property is set to false the column will not appear in the list of fields available for reporting.
  • The Multimedia Repository has been upgraded to be Dublin Core 1.1 compliant. All system reports have been upgraded to use the new column names. Any site specific reports will have to be upgraded manually.

    Field names need to change as follows:

    Old Name New Name
    DetCreator[_tab] MulCreator[_tab]
    MulReference MulIdentifier
    DetOtherContributors[_tab] DetContributor[_tab]
    DetYearOfPublication DetDate0
    ChaResourceType DetResourceType
    ChaPrimaryLanguage DetLanguage[_tab]
    DetUsageRestrictions DetRights
    MulRepository[_tab] ChaRepository[_tab]
    ChaExpertiseLevel[_tab] ChaAudience[_tab]
    ChaTextObjectForm ChaMediaForm

    Some fields were merged:

    Old Name Merged into
    ChaMediaNotes NotNotes
    ChaVideoResolution ChaImageResolution
    ChaVideoWidth ChaImageWidth
    ChaVideoHeight ChaImageHeight
    ChaVideoColorDepth ChaImageColorDepth

    Some new fields were added:

    New Name
  • The Attachments... command under the View menu has been extended to show all Reverse Attachment tabs at query time when selected (F4). Thus a use can ask for the Reverse Attachment query tabs to be added on demand.
  • The MV client now checks for uniqueness of registration number when inserting or editing records.
  • When a report is generated from the Report List dialog the dialog is not closed when the report commences. Users can now generate multiple reports without needing to open the Report List dialog for each report.
  • A new field called File Size has been added to the Multimedia Repository. When a file is attached the size of the file is recorded automatically.
  • A new module caching facility has been added to EMu. The facility allows a user to specify on a per module basis, how many forms should be preloaded (startup) and how many forms should remain cached (maximum) after the form is closed. Using this facility, module startup time can be reduced dramatically. Configuration of the cache is via the Modules tab in the EMu options facility (Options command under the Tools menu). A button to clear the cache is also provided. By default no form caching is provided. A user must turn on caching for modules that are used on a regular basis. Note that module caching uses system resources (memory and windows handles), so should be used sparingly. Caching is not recommended for Windows 95 machines, due to resource limits inherent in the operating system.
  • A new KELinkGrid property called ShowRowHeaders has been created. Setting the property to true will force the link grid to display row numbers down the left hand side of a link grid. While this property is now available it is not turned on in any EMu clients.

Bugs Fixed

  • The "standard" behaviour for double clicking in list selection dialog boxes has been reviewed and modified. The following function is now performed when double clicking is in a list:
    List Dialog Operation performed
    Report List Perform selected report on one record.
    Column List Change to selected column list.
    Defaults List Load defaults for selected entry.
    Ditto List Load selected ditto record.
    Group List Retrieve/Save selected group.
    Replace List Show properties for selected replace entry.
    Sort List Perform selected sort.
  • Double clicking on a Group Name in the Group List dialog would allow a user to overwrite a group they did not own. This is now fixed.
  • The GalleryUK client query form has been modified. Object Rating and Object Name fields linked to wrong column (TitObjectStatus).

Upgrade Notes

Due to the changes in the Multimedia Repository structure a Build 503 Windows client requires a Build 503 back end structure to function correctly. An upgrade program is provided to update the Registry and to merge fields from the old Multimedia structure into the new one. To upgrade:

  1. Install version 1.0 Build 503 of the EMu server.
  2. Log in as user emu on the server machine.
  3. cd utils
  4. sh upgrade-1-0-503
  5. The new registry entries are now available.

The upgrade procedure will modify all report entries that access Multimedia table columns from their old name to their new name. The system report forms have been upgraded to use the new column names. Any institution specific report that access old column names must be upgraded by hand to use the new names (in Crystal, Excel, Word, etc).