Release Date: 20 November 2000


New Features

  • The Parties module has been upgraded in line with discussions conducted with the EMu user base. For details of the changes see the Parties discussion.
  • An Admin Tasks facility has been added to EMu. This facility allows server side jobs to be added to the EMu registry, which can be invoked from the EMu client. The output of the server side job can be displayed in a number of ways. For more information see What are Admin Tasks?.
  • Support for multiple languages has been extended. The following languages are now supported:
    Language ID Language
    0 English
    1 French
    2 English (US)
    3 Spanish
    4 German
    5 Italian
    6 Dutch
    7 Danish
    8 Polish
    9 Norwegian
    10 Swedish
    For more information see How are multiple languages handled in KE EMu?
  • The EMu help facility has been re-implemented to provide access to the EMu user guide from the client machine. All help files are now installed on the user's local PC (or network driver for network installations). Institutions no longer need to run a web server on the EMu server machine to provide on-line help. Note a web server is still required if you allow web based access to your collection.
  • A module based interface is now available to the EMu Lookup List table. The current implementation provides readonly access.
  • Five new address label reports have been added to the Parties module The label sizes supported are: Avery DL 14, 20, 24, 30, 33.
  • An Also Search facility has been added to EMu. A user can now configure in the Registry settings that indicate a list of fields are to be searched when a user queries on a particular field. For more information see Is "Also Search" available?
  • Individual clients can now set their own Splash screen image. This picture is shown when EMu is invoked. See Is the Splash Screen image configurable? for details.
  • A new tab has been added to the Bibliography module to handle Citation information. A citation record can attach to another bibliography record, used to identify the document which was cited.
  • The Gazatteer module has had the Ocean/Country field split into two separate fields (Ocean and Country). All reports have been updated to reflect this change.
  • Two new reports have been added to the Movements module. Users can now  generate an Incoming Receipt and an Outgoing Receipt report.
  • The Venue tab in the Events module has been updated to show the Venue, Commencement Date and Completion Date for each venue. The Tasks tab has been updated to show the Description, Commencement Date, Completion Date and Completed fields for each task.
  • The Tasks tab in the Conservation module has been updated to show the Description, Commencement Date, Completion Date and Completed fields for each task.
  • A new field called Conservation Identifier has been added to the Conservation module to allow institutions to use their internal numbering systems. All conservation reports have been updated to include this new field.
  • Translations for English (US) have now been applied to all EMu forms.
  • Calculated values are now shown in a different colour to the normal displayed text. It is now possible to determine which field had the data entered and which fields where calculated. The user can select the colour with which calculated fields are shown.
  • Support for reverse lookup of hierarchies has now been added. Users can now enter values in lower levels of a hierarchy and see restricted upper level values based on the data already entered.
  • The lookup list facility has been reworked to provide faster access to hierarchies.

Bugs Fixed

  • When installing the EMu client on a Windows 2000 machine, the Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts were not created correctly. This has now been fixed.
  • The term Lookup List is now used consistently throughout KE EMu where Lookup Table or Pick List used to be used.
  • You can now retrieve public groups from the EMu Groups facility if you do not own the group.
  • The Parties module reports have been modified so that the Postal/Zip Code is printed before the Country. This is in line with international postal guidelines.
  • The Locality fields in the Sites module (Ocean...Special Geographic Unit) have been changed from single value fields to multiple value fields. You can now store more than one locality hierarchy.
  • All rolling images in EMu have been replaced with AVI movies. The movies now play smoothly when your machine is placed under load.
  • Setting a default value for a ComboBox may have caused EMu to show an exception error when the drop down list was viewed. This has now been fixed.
  • If when saving a record, a tab needs to be shown that has not been viewed yet (eg. to show an entry in a readonly lookup list), then under some circumstances the tab may not draw correctly. This problem has now been fixed.
  • When maintenance is being performed on the EMu server the Holders background load is now stopped when the Catalogue module is being manipulated.
  • When performing a report in a module for the first time, the report may fail on slower PCs. This race condition has now been fixed.
  • The incorrect tab order on the Acquistion (2) tab in the Accession Lots module has now been fixed.
  • The setting of radio buttons in insert mode is inconsistent where a default value has not been specified. EMu has now been modified to allow for a DefaultItem (KERadioGroup), Default (KERadioButton) value to be set. These values are set on visible tabs when visited and on nonvisited tabs when saving (provided they are Visible). Tab switching will now work in insert mode where a default for a radiogroup/button has not been put in the EMu Registry.

Upgrade Notes

Due to changes in the Parties and Bibliography modules a Build 504 Windows client requires a Build 504 back end structure to function correctly. An upgrade program is provided to update the Registry and to initialise new fields in the Parties module. To upgrade:

  1. Install version 1.0 Build 504 of the EMu server.
  2. Log in as user emu on the server machine.
  3. cd utils
  4. sh upgrade-1-0-504
  5. The new registry entries and modules are now available.

The system report forms have been upgraded to include any new columns. Old Parties and Bibliography reports should not be broken by this upgrade.