EMu 1.0.417

Release Date: 11 November 1999

New Features

  • The audit trails kept for condition, location and valuation changes now include modifications made to the notes fields. The Condition Details, Reason for Temporary Relocation and Valuation Notes fields are now included in the audited fields.
  • Support has been added for shared hierarchies. It is now possible for a column to be part of more than one hierarchy. Using this feature allows discipline specific hierarchies to be built. the TexVCL KEColumn component now allows the LookupParent and LookupName properties to be both set on the column. To determine the hierarchy into which a value belongs EMu now searches up the hierarchy from the current column until it finds a LookupName set.
  • Basic support to allow for local customisations has been added to some of the server side scripts. Many scripts now look for a directory called local in the base EMu directory. It is expected that customised functionality will be added under thsi directory. Further support will continue to be added in future releases.

Bugs Fixed

  • When using CTRL+SHIFT+letter to move to a different tab the data was not loaded into the tab. The tab would appear empty even though there was data stored on the server.
  • A new column property, RefPrompt, has been created to allow reference cloumns to nominate the column to be used when deterining the prompt to display in lists. Previously the system used the first virtual column, which resulted in obscure prompt names being give to reference columns.
  • All EMu scripts assumed that EMu was installed under a home directory of emu. These scripts have now been modified to use the home directory specified for user emu. It is no longer necessary to install EMu in a directory called emu.
  • The TexVCL KEComboBox component has been modified to handle read-only lookup tables correctly. If the lookuop table for teh associated column is read-only the component will reconfigure itself to be a drop down list (a value can only selected from the list). If the lookup table is not read-only the component style will be a drop down (a new value may be typed in the edit box).
  • Many EMu server side scripts assumed that a space character would not appear in a path. While this is generally true for Unix systems it is not the case on NT systems. All scripts have been upgraded to allow spaces to be used in paths.
  • The locations module used to generate audit records for location moves when any field of a holder record was changed, rather than when the location movement information was modified.
  • If the Command Centre option to display Pictures Only was selected, then the New... popup menu would not show the names of the modules to be started.

Upgrade Notes

  • Due to the changes in the basic auditing structure for condition, location and valuation changes it is now necessary to install the build 417 server side scripts when using the build 417 client.