Release Date: 12 October 1999

New Features

  • A new server side script emuversion can be used to determine the server side version of EMu installed.

Bugs Fixed

  • The Value area in the registry has increased in size to allow for very large registry entries. These entries are typically generated by large reports.
  • The Command Centre has been split allowing for each client to tailor its own look and feel. Client developers can now re-order the command centre for a given client without affecting other clients. It is also possible to sub-class standard modules allowing client specific extensions to be added to base modules.
  • The server side script emubldsetup has been modified to only backup database files in the eregistry database. Junk files used to be included in the distribution (they were never installed though).
  • The order of the Ditto commands Change...and Change to Current has been swapped.

Upgrade Notes

  • None