EMu 2.1.006

Release Date: 11 March 2002



  • An auto fill facility has been added to all hierarchies in EMu. The facility monitors the hierarchy as values are added, and if at any stage a unique combination results all other values in the hierarchy are added automatically. A user option has been provided to enable or disable the facility. System administrators may also control access via entries in the EMu registry.
  • A new option is available that allows Lookup List searches that return one value to be selected automatically, rather than showing the selection dialog.


  • A new option (-p) has been added to emureindex which forces all tables to be reconfigured regardless of the current configuration.

Issues Resolved

  • The new Group facility introduced in EMu Version 2.1.005, which saves query terms for dynamic groups, did not save records attached to a query from another module. The facility has been modified to now save and restore records attached from other modules.
  • Some Crystal Reports which have data saved in them would not display the data selected for reporting. The report viewer has now been modified to purge saved data before displaying the report.
  • Under some circumstances an error message may appear after a record has been deleted. The deletion was successful apart from the displayed error. The error has now been corrected (in Texpress 7.2.006).
  • Performing an add operation (via a find pattern of ^$) via the Replace facility, on a double nested grid which did not contain any data, would result in the new value not being added. The new value is now created correctly (in Texpress 7.2.006).
  • Old versions of "back fill" code may have resulted in KEComboBoxes flashing through lists of values before stopping on the last value. The code has been removed and replaced with the new auto fill facility.
  • When performing a ditto all of a Multimedia Repository record, some of the document details were copied. As the document itself is not copied, the document description fields (MIME Type, MIME Format, Identifier, File Size) are no longer copied.
  • When exporting data from a Crystal Report you may have seen the error message R6025 Pure Virtual function call. This error has now been corrected.
  • Under certain circumstances the weekly maintenance run may have resulted in bad database configurations. Large databases may be configured for small sizes. The problem is now fixed and suitable configurations are generated.
  • When generating reports for an ODBC data source, files from previous reports were not removed, causing a large build up of files in the data source directory. The reporter has been changed to remove all report files from previous reports before adding the new files.
  • Sorting on complex data types (dates, times, latitudes and longitudes) would produce inconsistent results for partial values. Sorting of partial values is now handled correctly (in Texpress 7.2.006).
  • When displaying some TIFF images in the Multimedia Repository, they would not be scaled correctly for the viewing area. Those images are now scaled correctly.
  • When viewing property dialogs (Reports, Column Lists, Defaults, Sorts, etc) where you were not the owner of the resource, the viewing controls would be disabled. It was not possible to use the scrollbars in these disabled controls. The controls are now set to read-only, thus allowing scrolling to occur.
  • The salutation generated by the Parties module would under certain circumstances be incorrect. The correct salutation is now generated.
  • Some of the grids used to total values may have generated an error message indicating that an incorrect currency value had been entered, when a text field was being filled. This problem has been corrected.
  • The centroid formula used to calculate the centre point of a polygon of latitude/longitude values in the Sites module would generate an incorrect value if two sets of values were entered. The formula has been corrected.
  • The Command Centre under certain circumstances may not be created as wide/high as is possible given the screen size. The Command Centre is now created as large as the screen size allows.
  • On some versions of UNIX (Linux/Red Hat) the emulogger script may have failed to send email to specified users. The script has been corrected so that email is now sent correctly.
  • Specifying a NOT query (!) may not have produced the desired result for fields that contain lists of values. The operator has been changed so that the record does not match if any (rather than all) of the terms is the NOT term.
  • The precision generated for some calculated fields (e.g. Fahrenheit to Celsius) was incorrect. The precision implied a more accurate value than was warranted.  For example, an entered value of 13.69ºC should convert to 56.6ºF and not 56.65ºF.  The latter result would imply that the Fahrenheit scale used in EMu is more precise than the Celsius scale.  All calculation formula have been adjusted to ensure no greater precision is implied.
  • When moving the mouse cursor outside the Contact Sheet area, the summary information of the last record visited may still be displayed in the Status Bar area. The information is now removed correctly.
  • The default action when a user double clicks on a report in the list of available reports dialog should be to report on selected records. The default was changed from report on all matches to report only on the selected records.
  • When performing a report that has a sort order specified on a single record, all matching records are sorted. In this case the records do not need to be sorted. For single record reports sorting is now disabled.
  • The EMu Sync Server (used to make sure reference data is kept up to date) may build an incomplete update map under some circumstances. The map generation phase has been changed to ensure that a complete update map is now created.
  • The scrolling and resizing code for KELinkGrid controls has been rewritten to be more efficient and to ensure that the correct scroll bars are displayed at the correct time.
  • Using the Move to Tabs command in List or Contact Sheet mode would result in the error message Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window. The command is now disabled in these modes.
  • The Security tab on EMu resources (Reports, Sorts, Defaults, etc) would not allow the security to be modified for Version 2.1.005 users. The security setting can now be modified.
  • When records were discarded in Contact Sheet mode, or a Merge Query performed, the number of matching records displayed in the Status Bar was not updated correctly. The correct count is now displayed.
  • When moving through a list of images in Contact Sheet mode, the image count was sometimes reset incorrectly to zero. The correct image count is now displayed.
  • When generating a report in EMu Version 2.1.005 under certain circumstances a reportsmedia error message may have been displayed. This error has now been corrected.
  • The emuload script used to start and stop the server side background loads would report that a load had started correctly even if it failed to begin. Extra error checking has been added to provide better feedback.
  • The KE EMu registry dump program, emuregdump, may not have produced any output on certain versions of UNIX (Linux/Red Hat, IBM AIX). This problem has been corrected (in Texpress 7.2.006).

Upgrade Notes

The upgrade from EMu Version 2.1.005 to EMu 2.1.006 involves a number of steps.
Please follow the instructions below carefully.
You cannot skip any steps under any circumstances.
Before proceeding with the update please ensure that a complete backup of the KE EMu server exists and is restorable.

  1. Log in as emu.
  2. The following steps need to be repeated for each client installed on the EMu server.
    Please ensure no-one is using the system while the upgrade is underway.
  3. Enter client client
  4. Enter upgrade-2-1-006
  5. Go back to instruction 3 to commence upgrading the next client, until all clients are complete.
  6. EMu Version 2.1 Release 6 is now ready for use.

If you are upgrading the client from a pre 2.1.005 release every EMu client needs to be reinstalled due to changes in the Crystal Report viewer (the viewer COM control needs to be registered with Windows).