EMu 2.1.008

Release Date: 29 October 2002



  • Support for multi-resolution multimedia has been added to the Multimedia repository. EMu can now store multiple resolutions and formats of an image in a single multimedia record. A new Resolution tab has been added displaying details of all resolutions. EMu can also automatically generate (as determined by a registry entry) a number of resolutions or formats for an image when it is added to the repository. 


    A new Multimedia menu has been added allowing new formats or resolutions to be generated manually. Multimedia images can now be saved from the repository directly. A new registry entry, System|Setting|Multimedia|Operations controls which commands a user can use (e.g. Add, Generate, Delete resolutions).
  • The multi-resolution multimedia support has been extended to all modules that contain the Multimedia tab.


    You can now view or save any resolution of an image from within the module. A registry entry, System|Setting|Multimedia|Launch Viewer, controls the resolution used when you launch an image.
  • The Lookup List module has been modified to allow new entries to be inserted. You can also specify that a value should be persistent, which dictates that it will always be in the specified lookup list.


    In order to enable the new functionality the registry entries for the eluts module must be modified to allow daInsert and daEdit operations. Column permissions must include duEdit, dvEdit, duInsert and dvInsert. The emulutsrebuild maintenance command now allows individual lookup lists to be rebuilt.
  • A new Associations tab has been added to the Narratives module. The tab is used to link a narrative to its master narrative (if it has one). A hierarchy of narratives can now be built allowing users to "drill down" into the data. A list of associated narratives may also be defined.
  • An Event Number field has been added to the the Events module. Support for a Master Event and associated Sub Events has been added. Sections and Catalogue Numbers can now be entered for individual objects associated with an event.
  • Conservation Purpose, Associated Loan and Associated Event fields have been added to the Conservation module. A list of associated conservation records can now be viewed from the Loans and Events modules. The Request Status radio buttons have been converted to a combo box to allow for a larger range of values.
  • A Credit Line field is now available in the Loans module. A Loan Status combo box has been added to allow the current status of the loan to be tracked. In order that people can describe the purpose of a loan, a Loan Purpose field has been added.
  • The Insurance module has a new field called Claim Status. The field allows the status of each claim to be set (eg. Settled, Disputed, etc).
  • The Internal Movements module has been modified so that the location list is now a grid of attached locations rather than just the location text. The change allows users to now insert new audit records if required.
  • In order to allow crate weights to be recorded, a new Weight field (kg or lbs) has been added to the Dimensions tab of the Locations module.
  • The Print Tab... command (File menu) has been modified to add a border around the tab image and to add the module and tab names below the image.
  • A new command (Edit->Ditto->Update on Save) has been added to indicate whether the ditto record should be set to the last record saved (on), or whether the current ditto record should remain selected (off).
  • A new registry entry, Group|group|Table|table|Format|colname|format has been added to provide automatic case conversion on a field basis. The acceptable values for format are:
    • uc - the input should be converted to upper case
    • lc - the input should be converted to lower case
    • ucfirst - the first letter should be upper case all other letters lower case
    • ucword - the first letter of each word should be upper case and the rest lower case.
    The conversion occurs after you leave the field.
  • When a drag and drop operation is performed between modules, tabs can now be switched by hovering over the tab name. Hovering over the tabs scroll bars can also be used to scroll the tabs.

Issues Resolved

  • The Global Replace facility did not allow access to the field used to link in Multimedia records. The facility now provides a special field, called Multimedia, that can be used in a global replace.
  • The Attached Modules dialog box may have become hidden behind the Add Fields dialog box when designing a report. As these are modal dialog boxes, you cannot select any window if the Attached Modules dialog is hidden. The Attached Modules dialog now appears on top of the Add Fields dialog box.
  • When deleting records and one of the modules is closed, the deletion would fail without informing you which module caused the failure. A message is now displayed if a module is closed when deleting records.
  • If a single record is selected for deletion, but the deletion fails due to referencing records, the current record being displayed would be advanced by one. If a deletion fails the current record is now left selected.
  • Pasting into a cell that has focus (but not being edited) in a grid control may result in the pasted text being enclosed within double quotes. The quotes are no longer added.
  • The Command Centre did not scroll to the left or right when arrow keys were used to move along the buttons. The Command Centre now scrolls when focus moves off the first/last button displayed.
  • The emulogger script now adds the client name to the end of the subject line for all emails generated. For clients that run multiple environments this allows for easy identification of logged messages.
  • If a video was played in the Multimedia repository and you switched to another tab and then back to the Multimedia tab, the picture was lost. The picture is now maintained between tab switching.
  • The Commencement and Completion dates for an organisation in the Parties module are now copied into the Birth and Death dates on the Biography tab. This allows searching to be performed over both organisation and person records as well as displaying of dates in grids via only two columns (Birth and Death dates).
  • When moving into edit mode, empty RichEdit controls that attach to other modules may not have displayed the View Attachment button state correctly. The correct state is now shown.
  • The Language menu item (Tools menu) was displayed when only one data language was available. The menu is now disabled for single language systems.
  • The Reports|Filter and Reports|Media Filter registry entries have been modified to accept a placeholder (%x) specifying where the name of the XML report file should appear.
  • After a global replace has been completed the status windows is now left on screen to show the number of updates that were effected.
  • The Crystal Reports viewer employed by EMu has been modified so that the preview window is now placed in a default position (as determined by Windows). New -s (scale to page size) and -w (scale to page width) options have been added.
  • The EMu notification messages have been modified to supply more object information. The Extended Data field is now incorporated for each object part of an event, loan or movement.
  • If the AutoFill facility was enabled on a hierarchy that shared a common parent node and the hierarchy was read-only, under some circumstances an error may have been displayed indicating that a value from the Lookup List should be selected, when the value was already in the list. The error has now been removed.
  • If a file called .nocrontab exists in a EMu client home directory, upgrades of the client will not overwrite the current crontab file.
  • Right clicking on a row in List Mode now results in the row receiving focus. This is now the same as Contact Sheet mode.
  • When attaching more than nine multimedia records, the scroll area in which the thumbnails are displayed may have left gaps between thumbnails. The gaps have been removed.
  • When performing a query of the form ^term1 term2$ the number of matching records shown in the status bar may have been incorrect - moving through the records resulted in the number of matches decreasing. The number of matching records displayed is now correct (in Texpress 7.2.011).
  • The EMu query evaluator has been modified to delay all reference and reverse reference queries until all query terms for a referenced table have been collected. This now results in efficient reference queries that reduce the number of terms added to the primary search.
  • The full text description of a task was not emailed correctly as a notification if the text contained an apostrophe. The correct text is now sent.
  • When new multimedia is being added to a multimedia record via the Add Multimedia... dialog, entering a filter into the File Name: area would not cause the file list to be restricted. The list is now restricted correctly.
  • The Ditto All command has been modified to ensure that the Admin fields (Inserted By, Date Inserted, Time Inserted, Modified By, Date Modified, Time Modified) are never dittoed.
  • The Merge Query... (File menu) command has been changed to clear any query terms and load default values when invoked, rather than leaving the previous query terms.
  • After restoring default values for a query, some RichEdit controls may not have contained the saved default value. The RichEdit controls now contain the correct value.
  • If more than one control on query tabs search the same column, entering a value in one control would not result in the other controls being updated. All controls that link to the same column are now updated.
  • The precision on centroid calculations (Sites module) was not rounding correctly for latitudes/longitudes that specified only degrees or degrees and minutes. The correct precision is now maintained.
  • Support for reverse reference lookups is now available in double nested tables. You can now view a reverse reference from within a nested form construct on a per row basis.
  • Under some circumstances the tabs displayed at the bottom of the form may not have been drawn correctly - they may even have disappeared completely. The problem was due to a bug in the Microsoft Tab control. A work-around has been added so that the tabs are now drawn correctly.
  • If cached forms were enabled and you started up a module, entered Insert mode, exited the module and then exited EMu you may have seen the message Column Operation performed before row has been accessed. The cached form now shuts down correctly.
  • After adding a number of multimedia records an error message may have appeared indicating that the system was out of resources. A resource leak associated with adding multimedia has been corrected. Any number of multimedia records may now be inserted consecutively.
  • Performing an edit on a record in the Internal Movements module may have resulted in a Bad Data for column MovCurrentLocationRefLocal0 error message. The problem has been corrected (in Texpress 7.2.011).
  • When attempting to ditto a record in the Thesaurus module an error indicating a bad column MulHasMultiMedia_tab may have resulted. The error has been corrected.
  • The AutoFill facility for hierarchies has been made more efficient by removing non-essential lookups.
  • When entering dates with a BC suffix into circa date fields, the earliest and latest dates were not calculated correctly. The correct values are now produced.
  • The Insert->Date command did not produce a correct date if the KE EMu date format was set to dd/MM/Y e. Windows does not understand era dates so the date is now retrieved from the server.
  • Setting the EMu date format to dd/MM/Y e may have resulted in 'validation failed' errors when saving records. The date validation code has been updated to validate this date format correctly (in Texpress 7.2.011).
  • Entering an IRN in the Internal Record Number field on the Admin tab, then starting a new insertion may have resulted in a Data Tree Inconsistency error being displayed. The problem has now been corrected.
  • Under some circumstances you may not have been able to delete records that were not attached to any other records. The system may have indicated that a record was referenced in a module where references do not exist. The problem has been corrected.
  • If you had the Save Last Size option (Options dialog, General tab) enabled, and also had Thumbnails (View menu) enabled and the form size was less than the minimum form size with thumbnails, the tab area may have been shrunk, leaving a gap below the tabs. The tabs are now sized correctly.
  • Under certain circumstances, fields on the Query tabs may have had values added to them after a record was inserted. The AutoFill facility was filling query controls. Only the correct controls are filled now.

Upgrade Notes

The upgrade from EMu Version 2.1.007 to EMu 2.1.008 involves a number of steps.
Please follow the instructions below carefully.
You cannot skip any steps under any circumstances.
Before proceeding with the update please ensure that a complete backup of the KE EMu server exists and is restorable.

  1. Log in as emu.
  2. The following steps need to be repeated for each client installed on the EMu server.
    Please ensure no-one is using the system while the upgrade is underway.
  3. Enter client client
  4. Enter upgrade-2-1-008
  5. Upgrade a client on a workstation to EMu 2.1.008. Startup the client and login as emu.
  6. Select the Multimedia button from the EMu Command Centre. The Multimedia repository will be started.
  7. Perform a query retrieving all records (by not entering any search terms).
  8. Choose Select All from under the Select menu.
  9. Under the Multimedia menu, open the Update menu and select Selected.... The Updating Multimedia dialog will appear. EMu will process all multimedia records updating their resolution information. This operation may take some time if the client has a large number of multimedia records.
  10. After the update is complete exit the client.
  11. Enter emureindex emultimedia
  12. Go back to instruction 3 to commence upgrading the next client, until all clients are complete.
  13. EMu Version 2.1 Release 8 is now ready for use.

If you are upgrading the client from a pre 2.1.005 release every EMu client needs to be reinstalled due to changes in the Crystal Report viewer (the viewer COM control needs to be registered with Windows).