Release Date: 15 June 2001



  • The ability to view thumbnail images while listing records has been added. When selecting columns to display in List mode, a new column Multimedia Thumbnails is now available. A Height attribute has been added so that the height of the list rows can be set.
  • A Record Status field has been added to all modules. The status allows records to be Retired. Any status set will appear in the Summary Data of the associated record.
  • A Gazetteer record can now be dragged and dropped into a locality field in the Sites module. When the record is dropped the locality information is copied from the Gazetteer into the corresponding fields in Sites.
  • A new command that allows a number of records to be merged into one has been added. The facility finds all occurrences of the records to be merged and replaces them with the merged record.

Issues Resolved

  • When trying to view the Multimedia tab in the Movements module the error message "Cannot find column DeaCreator_tab" would appear. The correct column name has now been added.
  • When trying to view the Multimedia tab in the Narratives module the error message "Multimedia is not linked" would appear. The correct multimedia columns have now been added to the Narratives module.
  • The Narratives module would display tabs for modules that may not exist on a given system (eg. Taxonomy, Sites, Collection Events). New registry entries are now available to hide these tabs. New reports have been produced to only report on modules that exist for a given client.

Upgrade Notes

For each component you are upgrading first follow the notes in:
Upgrade of EMu 2.0 to a later EMu 2.0 patch release: Unix, Windows NT/2000.

Then for each client installed on the server:

  1. Log in as emu.
  2. Enter client client
  3. Enter upgrade-2-0-002
  4. EMu Version 2.0 Release 2 is now ready for use.