EMu 2.1.001

Release Date: 22 August 2001



  • The ability to select records from a matching set and perform operations on the selected records is now available in all EMu record viewing modes (List, Contact Sheet, Detail). Hence a user can now select 5 records and discard them in one command. All operations that deal with records (eg. discard, delete, merge, replace, report, attachments, etc) allow you to apply the command to the current record (one with focus) or the selected records. A new Select menu has been added to facilitate the record selection process.
  • A new Contact Sheet mode has been added to EMu. The mode displays Multimedia thumbnails across and down the screen. The mode supports the new selection facility.
  • The order of records in the matching set can now be modified. By dragging and dropping the record number (the first column in List mode) you can re-arrange the order of records in the matching set.
  • A comprehensive undo facility has been added to EMu. You can now undo all changes made while modifying data in Detail mode. Also changes made in Query mode can be undone. The undo facility is multi-level allowing all changes to be undone sequentially. A redo facility is also available.
  • The EMu About Box dialog (Help->About...) now lists the hostname, username and service used to logon for the current session.
  • The Gallery catalogue has had three new fields added. These are:
    • Conservation Rating (Title Tab)
    • Publisher Date (Edition Tab)
    • Publisher Place (Edition Tab)
  • A facility has been added to allow users to change their password for UNIX based servers from within EMu. An admin task is used to provide the interface. Note this new feature is not installed by default. If you would like this facility please contact your EMu representative for details.

Issues Resolved

  • The EMu logging facility (emulogger) required the command rcp to be available on the server machine in order to copy log files to a file location (file://). Many sites do not install rcp. The logging facility has been modified to use the standard copy command, cp, if the file location is on the local server.
  • The traversal order on the Locality tab in the Sites module was set incorrectly. The Continent: field was visited out of order. The order has now been corrected.
  • When accessing Reverse Reference Tabs in the Multimedia module a message indicating that the column ChaRepository_tab cannot be found would be displayed. An incorrect reference to this column has now been removed.
  • When selecting the command to view Multimedia attachments from the Multimedia tab in any module, under some circumstances you might have received an error message indicating that there was no matching record. This problem has now been corrected.
  • If a Link Grid control is read-only and is not the controlling grid for a nested form arrangement, the empty bottom line of the grid is no longer shown.
  • The Reports dialog that lists all reports you are allowed to run did not allow reports to be renamed. The renaming command has now been fixed.
  • If a lookup list was shown, or a drop down list of a combo box, that was part of a multi-level hierarchy, you might have seen duplicate values in the list. Duplicate values are now removed.
  • The use of the single quote operator (within the same row) was confusing for latitude/longitude/date and time fields where it could also be used to pass through the terms unmodified. The use of single and double quotes has now been rationalised as follows:

    'term(s)' - means find all terms within the same row
    "terms(s)" - means find phrase (text) or a single term (non-text)


    '> "20 12 S" < "10 12 S"' means within the same row between the two specified latitudes. Note the use of double quotes to "phrase" the value.
  • If a double nested grid field (_nesttab suffix) was included in a report, and was added to a report group, then under some circumstances the KE EMu server might have crashed when the report was run. This problem has now been fixed.
  • When inserting new values into a hierarchy only the top level of the hierarchy was consulted to determine whether the hierarchy was read-only or not. This has now been changed so that the level in the hierarchy at which the new value is being inserted is checked to determine whether the insertion is allowed.
  • A query containing the single character! would produce a blank error message. The error has been changed to indicate a syntax error.
  • The admin task that allows the contents of a lookup list to be printed (View Lookup List) would fail under some circumstances. The task has been altered to function correctly at all times.
  • When inserting a new value into a hierarchy the system might not have correctly inserted all the intermediate hierarchy records required. Under some circumstances it only inserted the complete hierarchy record.  This has now been fixed.
  • The Delete and Insert buttons on a nested form controlling grid were enabled even if all columns in the grid were read-only. These buttons are now disabled if you cannot insert values.
  • The Multimedia attachment functions have been altered to observe the permissions for the module. You now require edit/insert privileges on the Multimedia reference column (MulMultimediaRef_tab) in order to attach or detach.
  • If you have a number of records registered in your ditto list dialog, and the records are subsequently deleted, an error may occur if you click on the OK button to close the dialog. This error has now been corrected.
  • The first time that a reverse reference column was accessed, or the first time after viewing one where there were no matches, no data was shown, even if there was some to show. This problem has now been corrected.
  • Using the Clear All command on a Windows 95/98 machine might have caused the machine to run out of resources. This problem has now been rectified.
  • Using the Ditto All... command might have caused bad column error messages to be displayed. The check to determine what columns need to be copied has been modified to skip Virtual Reference fields.
  • The EMu replace facility did not support radio button fields (eg. Publish on Internet). The facility has been extended to provide support for radio button fields.
  • Error messages produced by the nightly notification program (emunotify) have been modified to make them understandable to system administrators.

Upgrade Notes

The upgrade from EMu Version 2.0.002 to EMu 2.1.001 involves a number of steps. Please follow the instructions below carefully. You cannot skip any steps under any circumstances.

Before proceeding with the update please ensure that a complete backup of the KE EMu server exists and is restorable.

For Windows NT/2000 you require UWIN Base Toolkit version 2.9.

If you have UWIN 2.1 installed it must be upgraded to UWIN 2.9.

Refer to Upgrading UWIN 2.1 to UWIN 2.9.

  1. Log in as emu.
  2. Install Texpress 7.2.001 or higher and TexAPI 3.1.001 or higher and EMu 2.1.001 on the EMu server.
  3. See Unix or Windows NT/2000 installation notes for details.
  4. The following steps need to be repeated for each client installed on the EMu server.
  5. Please ensure no-one is using the system while the upgrade is underway.
  6. Enter client client
  7. Enter upgrade-2-1-001
  8. Go back to instruction 4 to commence upgrading the next client, until all clients are complete.
  9. EMu Version 2.1 Release 1 is now ready for use.