Release Date: 27 April 2004



  • A new server side program, emuwebstats can be used to produce an HTML report detailing EMu Web usage. The report includes daily and rolling statistics.
  • Support for User Order Lookup Lists has been added. User Order Lookup Lists allow the order that terms are presented for selection to be set via  a sort order field, rather than by alphabetic order.
  • Support for Right To Left (RTL) character sets (e.g. Hebrew) is now available in EMu. Fields may be nominated at design time as supporting RTL. Support is only available on Windows 2000/XP.

Issues Resolved

  • Crystal Reports that contain images and saved in PDF format did not show all images correctly. The correct images are now displayed.
  • The Lookup List module did not update the Date Modified, Time Modified and Modified By fields when an entry was changed. The fields are now updated correctly.
  • If a Combo box is read-only and the list of available values is dropped down, after switching to another tab and back, an error indicating you cannot change a value is displayed. The error no longer appears. 
  • If you have a read-only Combo box with a read-only lookup list the value in the combo box may be changed (but not saved). The combo box value can no longer be changed.

Upgrade Notes

The upgrade from EMu Version 3.0.03 to EMu 3.0.04 involves a number of steps.
Please follow the instructions below carefully.
You cannot skip any steps under any circumstances.
Before proceeding with the update please ensure that a complete backup of the KE EMu server exists and is restorable.

  1. Login as emu.
  2. The following steps need to be repeated for each client installed on the EMu server.
    Please ensure no-one is using the system while the upgrade is underway.
  3. Enter client client
  4. Enter upgrade-3-0-04
  5. Go back to instruction 3 to commence upgrading the next client, until all clients are complete.
  6. KE EMu Version 3.0 Release 4 is now ready for use.