Release Date: 18 December 2020


  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Texpress 9.0.001 or later
  • TexAPI 6.0.012 or later
  • Perl 5.8.8 or later (excluding 5.10.0)

Axiell EMu Ideas Portal

The portal allows you to submit to and view a collective pool of ideas for future EMu development, vote for those ideas, or ask us development questions. The portal is online at

A number of ideas proposed on the Ideas Portal have been included in the EMu 6.4 release:

Other additions in EMu 6.4 are:

New Features

Ditto All Performance Improvements

In response to a proposal submitted to the Ideas Portal, the performance of the Ditto All functionality on networks with high-latency has been considerably improved.

The improvements reduce the time taken to complete an initial Ditto All operation to roughly ⅙ of the previous time and subsequent runs to roughly ¼ of the previous time. Prior to these changes the initial Ditto All operation took longer due to additional processing that was not required on subsequent operations. The initial and subsequent operations now complete in the same time.

This feature requires Texpress 9.0.022 or greater.

GEOLocate Client Modifications

In response to a proposal submitted to the Ideas Portal, the geographic coordinates of existing record latitude and longitude values are plotted using the GEOLocate client instead of always georeferencing the record locality values.

To help distinguish between the two cases, the GEOLocate Workbench tab is initially displayed when georeferencing (this was the previous behaviour) and the Results tab, which lists locations, is initially displayed when plotting existing geographic coordinates.

Other minor improvements to the GEOLocate client are:

  • Improved georeferencing speed by reducing the number of page loads.

  • When georeferencing, prevent the GEOLocate client from defaulting to use "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" as the Workbench country value when the record does not have a specified country value.

Copy Registry Groups or Users

In response to a proposal submitted to the Ideas Portal, functionality has been added to the Registry module to allow administrators to copy all of the registry entries associated with a group or user to a new group or user. For example, see the following images:

thumb registry module registry ribbon tab thumb registry module copy group dialogue registry module copy group progress

A new server-side command line utility, emureg, has also been added for advanced registry manipulation by power users. The utility allows

  • Listing all known groups or users.
  • Copying all entries associated with a group or user to a new group or user.
  • Renaming all entries associated with a group or user to a different group or user.
  • Removing all entries associated with a group or user.
  • Adding a new user to a group or updating an existing users group membership.

For example:

emu-museum@host[1] emureg list-groups
emu-museum@host[2] emureg copy-group Staff Volunteer
Copied 50 of 50 entries
emu-museum@host[3] emureg list-groups
emu-museum@host[4] emureg list-group-entries Volunteer | head
Group|Volunteer|Table Access|
Group|Volunteer|Table|Default|Column Access|Default|
Group|Volunteer|Table|eaccessionlots|Column Access|AcqMeetingDate|
Group|Volunteer|Table|eaccessionlots|Column Access|AcqMeetingTitle|
Group|Volunteer|Table|eaccessionlots|List Columns|Meeting details|
Group|Volunteer|Table|eaccessionlots|List Columns|Owner|
Group|Volunteer|Table|eadmin|Admin Task|Generate Random Record Numbers|
Group|Volunteer|Table|eadmin|Admin Task|View Other Notifications|
emu-museum@host[5] emureg list-users --show-groups
charlie: Staff
emu: Admin, Archives
lucy: Conservation
snoopy: Archives
emu-museum@host[6] emureg add-user patty Volunteer
emu-museum@host[7] emureg list-users --show-groups
charlie: Staff
emu: Admin, Archives
lucy: Conservation
patty: Volunteer
snoopy: Archives
emu-museum@host[8] emureg rename-user --force patty lucy
Error: the user 'lucy' already exists
emu-museum@host[9] emureg rename-user --force patty sally
Updated 1 of 1 entries
emu-museum@host[10] emureg update-user-groups sally Conservation
emu-museum@host[11] emureg list-user-groups sally
emu-museum@host[12] emureg update-user-groups --remove-group --verbose sally Conservation
Old groups: Volunteer, Conservation
New groups: Volunteer
emu-museum@host[13] emureg remove-user --force sally
Removed 1 of 1 entries
emu-museum@host[14] emureg remove-group --force Volunteer
Removed 50 of 50 entries

Invoke the emureg --help option to display usage information.

Darwin Core Resource Relationship Extension Tab

In response to a proposal and subsequent revision in discussion with the Field Museum of Natural History, the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Smithsonian National Museum of the Natural History, a new Relationship tab has been added to support the Darwin Core Resource Relationship Extension:

natural history catalogue module relationship tab

Enabling the new Relationship tab in your organisation's Catalogue module may require some modest customisation of the module by Axiell developers. Please contact Axiell Support before your upgrade for details.

Multimedia Selection Improvements

The functionality for selecting and subsequently viewing multimedia on the Multimedia tab has been improved. Multiple thumbnails can be selected in the media image pane and just the selected multimedia can be viewed in the Multimedia module using the View Attached Multimedia button or the right-click context menu:

multimedia tab thumbnail selection

Thumbnail selection options have also been added to the right-click context menu: Select All, Invert Selection and Clear Selection.

Support for Transport Layer Security 1.3

Support for the latest version of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, version 1.3, has been added to EMu. The EMu server may be configured only to accept encrypted connections, otherwise encryption is optional. When configured to use encryption, TLS is used to encrypt data transmission between the EMu client and server.

This feature requires Texpress 9.0.023 or greater.

Issues Resolved

  • Prevent a possible hang at login when configuring data sources.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented entering characters using the Alt Graph modifier key on some (non-US) keyboards.

  • Fixed possible "Unknown column name" error when moving between rows of link grid in edit mode.

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error when using the undo/redo functionality and focus moved between controls on different tabs.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented using the Ditto Current Field functionality on the Registry module, Value (Edit) field.

  • Fixed an issue where records used to store and search for text extracted from multimedia files (e.g. PDF files) did not use the same Publish on Internet/Intranet access values as their parent Multimedia record when initially created. Subsequent changes to their parent Multimedia records access values were synced correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where the emumediacheck utility erroneously reported the presence of files that do not belong to a multimedia record and checksum mismatches for large (> ~2GiB) multimedia files.

Upgrade Notes

See Upgrade 6.3 to 6.4 for details.