EMu 2.1.004

Release Date: 4 December 2001



  • The Tasks tab has been upgraded to incorporate suggestions provided by users as per the user task discussion. The new task tab allows multiple parties to be associated with each task. A simple task dependency mechanism has also been included.


  • A Task Template module has been added that allows common sets of tasks to be registered. These templates can be incorporated into task lists provided in the various EMu modules.
  • A new option has been added to the Options dialog that allows the text colour to be set separately for Display, Edit/Insert and Query modes.


  • A Window menu has been added to the top level menus. The menu lists all modules currently available. Another module can be selected by choosing a title from the list. The title of a module has been modified to include its current mode (Insert, Edit, Query, Display) and its instance number. A new module can be created via the New sub-menu. The Cascade command organises all open modules in a diagonal line from top left to bottom right of screen.


  • A new option to Cache System Resources has been added. Window handles are a limited resource on Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me. When the number of handles is low the machine can become unstable and eventually stop functioning. The EMu controls have been modified to free window handles when they are no longer needed (e.g. when you switch a tab the controls on the tab being hidden can release their handles). When the control wants the handle again it must then create a new one. While this strategy vastly reduces the number of window handles required, it does slow down the client software due to handle recreation. If selected, Caching System Resources informs the system not to release handles after they are no longer required, thus leading to a faster client. This option should only be selected for Windows NT/2000/XP machines, where window handles are more abundant.
  • A new column (Multimedia) is now available when generating reports. The column has been added to the Multimedia module and if selected will output a full path name to the associated multimedia document. The multimedia document is placed in the EMu repository cache. The column can be used to show images in Microsoft Word via a mail merge.
  • All LinkGrid controls on display tabs now have a fixed column on the left that shows the row number within the grid. The last row number for grids that can accept new values displays an symbol. Clicking on a row number gives focus to the first data column within the row.
  • The View Attachments... command under the Edit menu has been extended to allow attachments for the currently selected records for the current field to be viewed. The command now provides equivalent functionality to the Attachments menu under the View menu, but in the reverse sense.
  • The popup menus displayed when right-clicking in List or Contract Sheet  modes have been extended to include record selection commands.
  • A new privilege (duReplace) has been added to the set of column permissions. The permission indicates whether a global replace operation can occur on the column. Any column that does not have this permission will not appear in the list of fields that can be changed globally.
  • Thesaurus Update and Installation notes

Issues Resolved

  • The Show All Searches... command available under the File  menu (for users with the daEditQuery privilege) showed all searches required to retrieve reference data if a detail tab is displayed when a search is completed. The reference queries used to retrieve data are no longer displayed.
  • When entering circa dates that contain a BC/AD modifier, the automatic calculation of earliest and latest dates produced incorrect values. The user could then modify these values to the required dates. The date parser has been modified to calculate earliest and latest dates correctly. 
  • When entering latitude and longitude values into the Sites module, centroid calculations might not have been triggered at the correct time. The trigger mechanism has been updated to ensure that the centroids are now calculated whenever a latitude/longitude value is entered or changed.
  • If Insert  mode was entered immediately after the module was created, and attachments were performed on the first tab displayed, the attached information was not displayed. The correct information is now shown.
  • When selecting a value from a hierarchy the Lookup Selection dialog box might not have had the first entry in the list as the current selection. The first value is now the current selection for all hierarchy lists.
  • If a module was subclassed, and a hierarchy was altered (by adding or removing fields), the correct lookup list data might not have been generated. emulutsrebuild has now been modified to build the correct sub-classed hierarchy.
  • If the down arrow was pressed while on the last row in List mode, an error indicating Grid Index out of range was displayed. The error has now been fixed.
  • When the Caching System Resources option was not selected and a LinkGrid control was shown for the second time (i.e. the tab is revisited), only the first line of data was displayed. The control will now display all lines of data correctly.
  • When upgrading the client software between major releases (eg. 2.0 to 2.1) the user's local registry settings were lost. The problem was due to the version number being included in the registry keys. The version number has now been removed, thus eliminating the problem for future releases.
  • If Caching System Resources was not selected and a combo box control was used for tab switching, an exception might have been generated when the combo value was changed. The problem has now been fixed.
  • The Notes, Multimedia and Admin tabs in the Bibliography module were read-only. Only the current Publication Type tab could be edited. The permissions have now been fixed so that the standard tabs can also be changed.
  • If Caching System Resources was not selected and a RichEdit or LinkGrid control did not use the default text colour, the colour was not set correctly when the control was visited for the second time (i.e. the tab is revisited). This has now been fixed.
  • When resizing a form that contained two columns of controls with a single column below them, the bottom single column might have been incorrectly positioned under some circumstances. The column is now positioned correctly.
  • Double clicking on a record in List or Contact Sheet mode in the Multimedia module resulted in the Detail view of the record, but the screen cursor changed to the drag and drop icon. The correct cursor is now displayed.

Upgrade Notes

The upgrade from EMu Version 2.1.003 to EMu 2.1.004 involves a number of steps.
Please follow the instructions below carefully.
You cannot skip any steps under any circumstances.
Before proceeding with the update please ensure that a complete backup of the KE EMu server exists and is restorable.

  1. Log in as emu.
  2. The following steps need to be repeated for each client installed on the EMu server.
    Please ensure no-one is using the system while the upgrade is underway.
  3. Enter client client
  4. Enter upgrade-2-1-004
  5. The upgrade script adds new System values to the default lookup table (luts/default/System.txt). The update adds English (International) only. If you have a multi-lingual client you will need to update this file with the appropriate translations.
  6. Go back to instruction 3 to commence upgrading the next client, until all clients are complete.
  7. EMu Version 2.1 Release 4 is now ready for use.

Due to a change in the Windows registry settings layout and the addition of the new Task Template ODBC data source, every client needs to be reinstalled.