EMu 2.1.004: Thesaurus Update and Installation Notes

Release Date: 18 December 2001


Users of EMu version 2.1.004 can download an update package to add a number of thesaurus data sets to your system. Users of EMu version 2.1.005 (and later) do not need to download the update package as it is a standard component of EMu.

Please note users of EMu prior to version 2.1.004 will not be able to use this thesaurus update package.

AAT Sample

Getty ART and Architecture Thesaurus sample data set.
EMu has the data preparation and loading facilities for the Getty AAT, however sites wanting access to the full AAT must directly licence the data with the Getty organisation. More information on obtaining the Getty AAT can be found at "How to Obtain the Getty Vocabularies (Research at the Getty)". EMu can load the AAT:REC data files which contain ASCII records in a fielded format.


The USA Library of Congress Subject Headings, Thesaurus for Graphic Materials I: Subject Terms and Thesaurus for Graphic Materials II: Genre & Physical Characteristic Terms


The USA National Library of Medicine, Medical Subject Headings, covering Descriptors, Qualifiers and Supplementary Concepts.


The UNESCO Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary developed by the United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, which includes subject terms for the following areas of knowledge: education; science; culture; social and human sciences; information and communication; and politics, law and economics. It also includes the names of countries and groupings of countries: political, economic, geographic, ethnic and religious, and linguistic groupings.

The UNESCO Thesaurus is tri-lingual, providing English, French and Spanish data. Information on the UNESCO Thesaurus can be found at www.ulcc.ac.uk/unesco.

Access to the UNESCO Thesaurus data has been kindly granted to EMu users via the UNESCO Library. Preparation of the UNESCO Thesaurus data was performed by the UK National Digital Archive of Datasets group at the University of London Computing Centre. The ULCC can provide various consultancy services for the archival, library and museum communities.

Download and Package Installation

Only applicable to EMu 2.1.004.
If you are running EMu 2.1.005 or later you do not need to download and install the thesaurus update package.

  • Download Thesaurus update package for EMu 2.1.004.
  1. Place the emu-2-1-004-thesaurus.tgz file on the server.
    For example in /tmp/emu-2-1-004-thesaurus.tgz.
  2. Login as emu.
  3. Enter client client
  4. Make sure the current working directory is ~emu/client.
  5. Enter gunzip  <  /tmp/emu-2-1-004-thesaurus.tgz  |  tar  xvf  -
  6. The following files will be extracted:

Thesaurus Installation

You must install some updated EMu registry settings for the EMu Thesaurus module. This command need be only run once prior to first installation of any thesaurus data set in the thesaurus update package.

  1. Log in as emu.
  2. Enter client  client
  3. Enter upgrade-2-1-004-thesaurus

The emuloadthesaurus program controls the deletion and/or addition of packaged EMu thesaurus data to the EMu Thesaurus module. The Acronym field of each record in the EMu Thesaurus module holds the top level name of a thesaurus data set and is used for record matching.

The argument to the emuloadthesaurus program specifies the required thesaurus data set.

ThesarusKE EMu
Thesarus Acronym
emuloadthesaurus argument 
Getty AAT AAT Sample aatsample
LCSH Thesaurus of Graphic Materials I LCSH TGM I lcshtgmi
LCSH Thesaurus of Graphic Materials II LCSH TGM II lcshtgmii
NLM MeSH 2002 Descriptor Records MeSH D 2002 meshd2002
NLM MeSH 2002 Qualifier Records MeSH Q 2002 meshq2002

Adding a thesaurus data set to the EMu Thesaurus module:

  1. Log in as emu.
  2. Enter client  client
  3. Enter emuloadthesaurus  argument
  4. A data preparation and load report is displayed.
    The load report is saved in the file etc/thesaurus/tag/unesco.res.
  5. Note all existing argument records in the KE EMu Thesaurus module are first deleted prior to to the data being loaded.

Therefore to load the UNESCO Thesaurus use the command:
emuloadthesaurus  unesco

Deleting a thesaurus data set from the EMu Thesaurus module, without reloading:

  1. Log in as emu.
  2. Enter client  client
  3. Enter emuloadthesaurus  -d  unesco
  4. A deletion report is displayed.

Therefore to delete the UNESCO Thesaurus, without reloading, use the command:
emuloadthesaurus  -d  unesco

Thesaurus Entry Terms

You may wish to add various thesaurus entry point settings to the EMu registry. This means that when the Thesaurus is triggered from a particular field in another EMu module the display entry point will be at the specified location in the Thesauri tree. Refer to EMu Thesaurus - Entry Terms for more information.

Multiple Languages

The tri-lingual nature of the UNESCO Thesaurus means that during preparation of the data prior to loading the EMu language registry setting is consulted to determine the language/s in use for client data.

Language IDLanguageLanguage (English)
0 English English
1 Français French
2 English (US) English (US)
3 Español Spanish
4 Deutsch German
5 Italiano Italian
6 Nederlands Dutch
7 Dansk Danish
8 Polski Polish
9 Norsk Norwegian
10 Svensk Swedish

For example, for clients with English language data only the registry setting will be non-existent or:

For clients with English/French language data the registry setting will be:

For clients with French/English language data the registry setting will be:

For clients with English/French/Spanish language data clients the registry setting will be:

The UNESCO Thesaurus data will be prepared based on this language setting in the EMu registry.