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Hi All,

I have some reports from the catalogue to export images to the local cache. To make it simple I've have 3 separate reports: one exports all the full res images on the catalogue record/s; another exports just the first image at full res; and the other one exports thumbnails. They're in export csv format and its just the multimedia and image reference fields in the report. Before you run the report clear the multimedia cache in the options menu, then run the report, save the csv somewhere and go to your cache (something like this - C:\Users\EGwynn\AppData\Local\KESoftware\Cache) and there are all your image files. They will all be in separate folders so you need to search the whole cache for '.jpg' or whatevs to get them all in a list and then you can copy them to another folder. 

A very late response, but it might still be useful to someone :)

27-Sep-16 12:54:02
Causes confusion after every upgrade when users can't find their usual Tabs.
Forum: Wishlist

Hi Karen,

I agree. This particular EMu quirk doesn't seem to have any benefits, it just confuses users.



19-Sep-13 11:08:04
Many users would prefer list view when selecting attachments
Forum: Wishlist

Absolutely! the default should be to display multiple results in list view. This would help users across all modules.
Has there been any response from KE about this wishlist item?


10-Jan-13 09:11:06
Non-ongoing job opportunity at Museum of Australian Democracy
Category: Announcements


APS Level 6    
Collections Management Coordinator

Key responsibilities of the role include managing the collection and building database (KE Emu) to facilitate, document and provide mechanisms to report on building, conservation and collection projects and carrying out data projects for improving data and care of the collection.
Type    Non-ongoing (10 months – may be extended subject to organisational requirements)
Open    10 January 2013
Close    24 January 2013
Contact    Edwina Jans on ext. 4234

The selection document for the position is attached.

If you would like any further details about the job, please contact Edwina.

08-Nov-12 10:04:06
the challenges of locating works made up of parts

Yes, valuation is the area that concerns me too. We report on the value of our collections by location for example, value of collection onsite or offsite for insurance purposes. Our values are assigned to parent records as I assume would be the case everywhere; the value of an 8 piece conference table cannot be split up among the 8 parts because the value of the complete object is much higher than the sum of the parts. So then how do we report on the value of our collection based on location if locations are recorded as 'Split' ?

07-Nov-12 10:35:31
the challenges of locating works made up of parts

Hi Mark,

Yep, I see your problem. At MoAD we don't have many parent child records but we do have some examples such as a conference table from our heritage collection in 8 parts where one of the parts is in storage and the rest is being used in a meeting room. We haven't had the 'Split Locations' facility turned on, but I'm considering how it might work (or not) for us.

Did you resolve the problem you were having with being able to locate most parts of the parent?


27-Oct-11 13:48:04
Category: Using EMu


...Turns out I spoke too soon. With larger system font, when a module first opens most fields, icons, and tool bars appear correctly. The exception is the Multimedia tab in all modules which displays with oversized icons that either hide behind other fields, or sit over the top of other fields.

With some further testing and resizing windows, all modules have examples where fields and tool bar buttons are hidden or compacted (See attached pdf).


Also, field help windows do not display the options 'More', 'Edit', or 'View', and the field help text wraps off the edge of the window. I've changed back to 100% tiny font so I can refer to field help while I'm working in the Registry.

26-Oct-11 14:36:44
Category: Using EMu

I raised these issues with KE while planning our upgrade to 4.0.02 earlier this year. As part of the upgrade our list view now shows black text and grey background for non editable records (to match the format used in detailed view) and it is much easier to read. I notice this is now part of the release 4.0.03, and you may be enjoying this feature already. Unfortunately for us, when records are selected the text is grey and virtually disappears in the blue background -hopefully this is not the case in version 4.0.03.

KE were not able to provide an option for users to increase font size because it would mean resizing internal dimensions of a control, and adding the necessary code would be to difficult with the current or new screen layouts. It seems that the only way to increase the font size is to either change screen resolution or change system font size. I have changed my Vista 6.0.6002 system font to 120% and unlike Maree's results, all the field text is also increased, and there are no other distortions to the look of EMu or other programs. Everything does appear much larger than I'm used to, and of course less fits onto the screen, but it is definitely an improvement.

28-Jul-11 15:50:50
Category: Using EMu


There's a Crystal Reports training course on in Sydney 22-23 August for anyone who is interested. for more information contact or look at the course outline: Crystal Reports training


02-Dec-10 14:10:33
Column Colour registry setting with mandatory field colour options
Forum: Wishlist

Is anyone using the registry entry for field background colours, and also has mandatory fields settings in the registry?
I find that the mandatory colour overrides the registry setting for column colour. This would be fine if all users had a colour set (in options) for mandatory. If they choose not to highlight mandatory fields they show as white regardless of if there is a column colour setting in the registry. It would be more logical to show the background column colour when mandatory is not highlighted.
Emma seems to work ok in display mode but not insert

Excellent idea Mark! This would be very useful

I agree, this would be very useful particularly when working in the registry.

22-Sep-10 15:52:01
Category: Using EMu

For fields that cannot be edited, is it possible to grey the background rather than the text in list view. This would make text easier to read and would match the format used in detail view.
See attachment for a mocked up version of how this might look.

10-Sep-10 15:29:03
Category: Using EMu

I've had the same request. we would love to see an option for increasing the font size.
It is particularly difficult to read the small text for fields that are greyed out. For this reason I am reluctant to restrict some fields (for example accession number) that need to be as clear as possible, especially for those of us who suffer from Friday afternoon dyslexia :)

24-Mar-09 11:00:00
Category: Using EMu

Hi John,

We seem to have a similar problem with our notifications - we only want to recieve it once rather than each day until the task has been completed. What was the pesky registry entry clash causing the problems?


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