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19-Oct-18 09:44:10
The NGA is seeking applications for a full-time ongoing position as Collection Systems Officer
Category: Announcements
Forum: EMu News

The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra is currently advertising a full-time ongoing employment opportunity as Collection Systems Officer available within the Exhibitions and Collections Services Program.

Please see attached documentation for further information on the application process and the position description or further information can be found at the NGA recruitment page

Applications close at midnight on Sunday, 2 November 2018 and should be emailed to

03-Feb-16 17:16:42
Wish list - I'd like to be ability to specify how many precoordinated terms are added from...
Forum: Thesaurus

Hi Rowena,

At the National Gallery of Australia we have been recently working with KE Software on the final developments for the IRN based thesaurus module for EMu 5.0.  This has the browse panel on the left hand side of the Thesaurus module in Query, Insert and Display, as well as a dynamic heirarchy tab - these are fantastic inclusions for module usability.

As an IRN based Thesaurus what displays in linked/referenced fields is generally set by the SummaryData (in our case anyway) and as such my understanding of the precoordinate setting may no longer apply, as the inherent structure has changed. 

The IRN based thesaurus is used in my understanding by a number of EMu clients in Australia and New Zealand and KE Software could provide them with the details for you.  In my knowledge we are one of the most recent clients (in Australia) to move to an IRN based thesaurus and are the primary testing site for EMu 5.0, as such I would be happy to answer any questions about that is of any help about the newer module.

There was also a presentation at the KE Software conference in Adelaide this year by Luca about the developments in EMu 5.0 including the IRN based thesaurus and I also presented on our use of the IRN based thesaurus at the NGA.

With EMu 5.0 (that we are currently testing) we are excited to say that we are working with the combination of UTF-8 encoding and the new IRN based Thesaurus module, which is a great combination especially if you are currently using the Getty Thesauri (AAT or TGN) as the Getty has moved to Unicode character sets.

Sadly I am not able to be any assistance with the EMu standard (non-IRN based) thesaurus however, your EMu client manager should be able to provide you with some contacts for those using it, if you don't get any feedback from the forum.

Warmest Regards,

Good afternoon,

Just a brief query – are any EMu users currently utilising the ‘Iconclass’ classification system ( as an indexing reference for iconographic subject matter within the EMu client i.e. as an imported thesaurus into a customised IRN based thesaurus module or similar framework?

If not, is anyone aware of any other iconographic thesauri or classification systems that EMu clients are currently engaging with?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Warm Regards,
Renée Joyce
Collection Systems Officer, Discoverability
National Gallery of Australia

28-Jan-14 12:00:00
new module requiring definition and standards
Forum: Wishlist

Hi Nancy,

We are installing this module in our next upgrade.  We are still working through the full breadth of options of what we may be able to use it for but one of those options is to replace and expand upon the data stored in an existing text field in our client "Collection Name" by which users group items from particular collectors or related to particular collections.  We were also hoping to use it long-term to supplement a number of other fields that are used to group works together that would benefit from the expanded capacity that Collection Descriptions module seems to offer. In some instances this may be of use to us to group things to present in an online capacity (though this isn't something that has been worked through as yet.) However, as we are still a couple of months of upgrading and having this module, we haven't had the chance to test it out. 

It would be great to hear what your options and thoughts on using it.  I would be more than happy to keep you posted with what we decide to use it for in the future as we go forward.

Warm Regards,

Hi Ian,

Please find as follows the feedback from the NGA on the EMu Development Proposal Thesaurus Enhancements:

In our review of the proposal paper we are confident that all tabled developments appear to be positive changes to the capabilities of the existing module and strongly the change to an irn based structure and as such the retention of full thesaurus term hierarchy.  The inclusion of the Archive View also appears to alleviate a limitation in the existing browse function.

We support the increase in flexibility for Thesaurus terms searching and also acknowledge the value in a move toward cleaner and simpler syntax where possible.  We support this with a suggestion for any syntax and term searching options (and their possible limitations) to be clearly articulated in the EMu Help module for users to easily access. 

We also echo the position of Arts Centre Melbourne in their feedback:

“With regard to the user options to set default search types - as with any function in EMu, the ability to configure and adjust from the client side is always welcome feature.”

It is great to see such a progressive enhancement of an existing module and our thanks to the institutions and individuals who have put so much groundwork into their own Thesaurus modules and as such have paved the way for these changes.  Thank you to KE for acknowledging the importance of these developments and rolling them out to all clients.

Renée Joyce
Collection Systems Officer (Discoverability)
National Gallery of Australia

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