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Hi Foy,

Could you confirm what document handle is being associated with the .pdf file extensions on your desktop? The document handle used by your workstation can be found by

1) selecting "Start > Run" on windows,
2) entering "regedit" to open the "Registry Editor", and
3) navigating on the left panel to "Computer > HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > .pdf"
The information you want is under the "Data" column on the right panel.

The registry entry used to identify the document handle used on your workstation to convert the PDF to text is called the "Convert" registry entry. For example, you would enter the registry entry below and replace Key 6 with the document handle found above. This will allow the system to know that document handle is associated with a PDF file extension and should convert the data to text.

Key 1: System
Key 2: Setting
Key 3: Multimedia
Key 4: Convert
Key 5: [Enter Document Handle]
Key 6: txt
Key 7: Server Command
Value: /usr/bin/pdftotext -eol dos "%1" "%2"

Forther information on the above instructions can be found in the KE EMu Help files under the article "EMu administration > The EMu Registry > Registry settings > Multimedia > Documents > Generating and managing document formats > Convert Registry entry > How to identify a document handle".

Hope this helps.


24-Aug-11 00:09:50
Initial view of the Chenhall Nomenclature
Forum: Thesaurus


Should the initial view of the Chenhall Nomenclature in the Thesaurus module be displayed as the first 10 file names or the top level terms? Also, should they be displayed in that order? I’ve listed the options below.

First 10 file names:
Category 1:  Built Environment Artifacts
Category 2:  Furnishings
Category 3:  Personal Artifacts 
Category 4:  Tools & Equipment for Materials 
Category 5:  Tools & Equipment for Science & Technology 
Category 6:  Tools & Equipment for Communication 
Category 7:  Distribution & Transportation Artifacts 
Category 8:  Communication Artifacts 
Category 9:  Recreational Artifacts 
Category 10:  Unclassifiable Artifacts


Top level terms:
Building Components
Site Features
Floor Coverings
Household Accessories
Lighting Equipment
Temperature Control Equipment
Window & Door Coverings
Personal Gear
Toilet Articles
Agricultural T&E
Animal Husbandry T&E
Fiberworking T&E
Fishing & Trapping T&E
Food Processing & Preparation T&E
Food Service T&E
Forestry T&E
Glass, Plastics & Clayworking T&E
Leather, Horn & Shellworking T&E
Masonry & Stoneworking T&E
Metalworking T&E
Mining & Mineral Harvesting T&E
Multiple Use T&E for Materials
Painting T&E
Papermaking T&E
Textileworking T&E
Woodworking T&E
Other T&E for Materials
Acoustical T&E
Astronomical T&E
Biological T&E
Chemical T&E
Construction T&E
Electrical & Magnetic T&E
Energy Production T&E
Geological T&E
Maintenance T&E
Mechanical T&E
Medical & Psychological T&E
Merchandising T&E
Meteorological T&E
Nuclear Physics T&E
Optical T&E
Regulative & Protective T&E
Surveying & Navigational T&E
Thermal T&E
Timekeeping T&E
Weights and Measures T&E
Data Processing T&E
Drafting T&E
Musical T&E
Photographic T&E
Printing T&E
Sound Communication T&E
Telecommunication T&E
Visual Communication T&E
Written Communication T&E
Aerospace Transportation T&E
Land Transportation T&E
Rail Transportation Equipment
Water Transportation Equipment
Advertising Media
Ceremonial Artifacts
Documentary Artifacts
Exchange Media
Personal Symbols
Game Equipment
Public Entertainment Devices
Recreational Devices
Sports Equipment
Unclassifiable Artifacts


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