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21-May-15 04:03:32
Contact Sheet Report
Category: Using EMu

Has anyone created a report similar to the Contact Sheet view in Crystal Reports that they would be willing to share?


"Parts" is one of the hardest things to deal with in any Museum, because everyone seems to have their own way of doing it.  At the outset that at The Henry Ford our insurance coverage does not require every object have a value, so we either set values when we purchase objects, objects go on loan, objects go offsite for an event or conservation, or a similar object is sold at auction.

We also add a note like “See parent record for valuation” on the Valuation tab of the Part record, if the whole set is valued.  When we loan Parts, we put the individual value on the Valuation tab of the Part record, because we need to list these for the borrower's insurance. 

We also use the Insurance field to attach an entry in the Insurance module to gather all our objects with values under our insurance schedule.

The Henry Ford is 100% in favor of all changes. Ease of searching without having to use special syntax or codes is I'd al for all our users. Having the thesaurus as an attachment field will make it easier to control terms and correct incorrect or outdated terms.

Our emu logins are first name + last initial and is the same as our Windows login and email address. The initials and our emu logins are both in the "other name" field. We can type either as a shortcut to our party record. It is also helpful when doing data entry when you need to input another staff member; if you don't know their initials, you can use their login name.

In the "Other Names" field, we have staff initials Emu login, so in a parties field, I just type "LSM" and my Staff party record is attached. If we have staff with the same initials, then they choose a different letter combo. It is a hold over from Argus, but still seems to be helpful to staff uses to just entering their initials.

23-Oct-12 01:30:47
Are more robust "Related Term" relationships needed?
Forum: Thesaurus

We have a ton of "Near Synonyms" that we can't easily search for right now in our Thesaurus.  #+ just doesn't get us all we are looking for either.

23-Oct-12 01:26:34
Thesaurus query functionality, supplement to EMu Help
Forum: Thesaurus

Thank you so much, Will.  This is very helpful and clear for our staff to use.

12-Oct-11 00:18:50
Category: Using EMu


We read the release notes but are curious about how other institutions are actually using it and how useful it is because we are trying to decide if we should request it in our 2012 budget.  Can you give me some background into how it was developed and how you are using it?


11-Oct-11 02:51:52
Category: Using EMu

Wondering if anyone, in their latest upgrade, also installed the Exhibition Object module?


30-Sep-11 21:59:13
The ability to "Ignore All" attached records during deletion.
Forum: Wishlist


I like this idea too!  It would also help when using Replace.  I often come across records that has something incorrect in a field - I get them mostly when I do updates on legacy records with weird characters in the Measurement fields.

24-Aug-11 00:36:25
Initial view of the Chenhall Nomenclature
Forum: Thesaurus


I'd vote for your first option without the "Category #" at the front and in that order.

11-Aug-11 02:49:28
Which museums are using the Thesaurus regularly?
Forum: Thesaurus

Then, YES! The Henry Ford is very interested in being is a Thesaurus Support Group.

10-Aug-11 22:38:33
Searches on Alt. Terms do not return matches for the primary term
Forum: Thesaurus


You are definitely running into similiar issues as we are because of how the Lexicon worked in ARGUS.  We have users who are used to finding all related terms and the primary term with one search and it is frustrating to them that they can not still do that.  We have not even introduced most staff to the "#+" and "#-" search funcitionality yet, since we are still working on organizing the thesaurus to get back some of the relationships from the ARGUS Lexicon.

10-Aug-11 22:32:33
Which museums are using the Thesaurus regularly?
Forum: Thesaurus

The Henry Ford is new to EMu  - what do you mean by SIG? A Special Thesaurus Group?  If so, we are using the Thesaurus for Object Name, Materials, Topical Subjects, and plan on working to organize it to get the most out of it.  We'd be very interested in being included in discussions.

Yes, "deaccession" means the object is no longer in the collection, but it once was. 

"Disposal," to me, means it was thrown out.  For former Collections items, this is 99.9% of the time NOT the case - at our institution they are sold at auction (the proceeds of which go back to build the collections, not operate the Museum) or given to another institution.

What about using the Locations tab for non-collections items (like frames) and create a "disposal" location?

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