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17-May-07 09:00:00
Category: EMu Administration
Forum: Texpress

Thanks to you all for all that info. I shall probably want to ask you some more questions, but that gives us quite a bit to consider.

It has always been our aim NOT to reproduce the dataset elsewhere if possible, so it's heartening to see that most of you don't think it's necessary.

Thanks again, cheerio, Mike

17-May-07 09:00:00
Category: EMu Administration
Forum: Texpress

Hi Joanna. Thanks for your comments.

Well, we haven't given up on EMu entirely just yet - and that isn't my descision anyway. We are already using the JDBC driver - admittedly a beta though.

Our biggest problems come from:

- not being able to write queries that join tables
- not being able to create views
- slow sorting
- lack of support for "not like" indexing
- apparently unreliable recordset size estimations

(Of course, if anyone can demonstrate that any of the above are not true I shall be very happy to be corrected.)

We have found that to create a simple search is relatively easy - and the response times are quite acceptable. However, if we add a sort order 10-15 seconds are added to the response time. If we add a "not like" comparison it adds at least 30 seconds to a query which otherwise takes less than 10. Of course, some of this may be down to our hardware/network - but not much IMO.

I have seen the FMNH site before - and it looks very nice. But - like all the other EMu-driven sites I have seen (and please correct me if I'm jumping to incorrect conclusions) - it is an adaptation of the standard KE web application, and therefore offers limited information on single record pages, and more significnatly, no ability to sort records, which is something we regard as a usability essential, especially as the potential exists for a user to return a substantial recordset.

However, I am fascinated to note that your application correctly reports recordset size! For example, I searched for plants from Afghanistan - 73 records were returned and your application reported 73 records on all four pages (20 recs per page).

In the PHP application installed on our intranet (and this is a pure KE version - we have done nothing to it) I can search for "adamite" and the system reports "1-20 of 242" (implying 13 pages) but on the seventh page it says "121-130 of 130" (it has reached the end of the recordset and therefore knows its previous estimate was incorrect). This is obviously very confusing to a user.

We did ask KE about this, and although we figured out some ways to fix it (usually by forcing the system to assess the entire recordset rather than estimating it - by adding a "not like" comparisson to the query for example), the performance penalties were high. So I'd be very interested to know how you fixed that. Unless your servers are orders of magnitude faster than ours I'm mystified!

Anyway, enough! Cheerio, Mike

17-May-07 09:00:00
Category: EMu Administration
Forum: Texpress

Hello all

We (NHM) have been attempting to build a web interface to our EMu installation, with limited success. We are now considering the possibility of exporting data from EMu to SQL Server, which we feel would allow us to create a more responsive and user-friendly web application.

Unfortunately we don't have an EMu administrator at present, so I have limited access to information/expertise about exporting data from EMu. So I want to ask if anyone else has indulged in significant exports of data, and if so, what any native export facilities do, how configurable they might be, what problems were encountered, etc.

If anyone has developed any tools that might help us in this task (if we decide to go down that route) and that they would be willing to share with us, that would be a very much appreciated bonus. I'm not sure we have much to offer in return - except some JSP tags which work with the beta JDBC driver (we aren't convinced that's a workable route for us at present, but they may be useful to someone).

Thanks in advance for any help or info.

Cheerio, Mike
Mike Sadka
Natural History Museum

PS - Doesn't have to be JSP necessarily. I'm just trying to assess how easy or difficult it might be to build our own web application more-or-less from scratch.

Cheerio, Mike


We are in the process of installing EMu at our institution, and need to publish data to the web.

As we don't really have PHP resources in place, and because I am being asked for functionality which is not currently available from the satndard modules, we have always intended to produce our own website using JSP rather than PHP.

I am wondering if anyone else out there has done this? If so, how they did it, what difficulties were encountered, and where can I see the output?

Thanks, Mike

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