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23-Jul-02 09:00:00
Category: Archive
Forum: Archive

Do many users utilise this facility, and if so, could you please send me details of the main areas of usage.


Sandy Kiely
Project Manager
Integrated Collection Management System (EMu)
Australian Museum

16-Jul-02 09:00:00
Category: Archive
Forum: Archive

Below is a KE EMu notification. The basic problem is that with someone internally not connected to KE EMu client or externally to the museum does not know the art object this is in reference to or from whom it came. This may not be the correct task to send outside the museum but for pickup or delivery or just a notification to the outside owner it would be helpful for, at least us, artist, accession number and Title to respond to the email faster. I figure if this catches on we will be exceeding our limits for our email boxes with in a week. People can not clear their task without access but it would be nice to send someone with proper authority the correct items.

What do you think?

Notification Reports for 7/12/2

Dear Ellen,

KE EMu notification reports for 7/12/2002.


Start Date:

End Date:




Loan Number:


Loan Direction:



Some museum
Everywhere Avenue
Crazy, Insane State 1XXXXX-XXXX

Reason for Loan:


Number of Works:


Notification Date:


06-May-02 09:00:00
Category: Archive
Forum: Archive


The Rights module has the dubious distinction of being the very first
module designed for KE EMu. As such, it is certainly due for some
reconsideration. The link you speak of makes eminent sense to me. The
question of course will be do we add it to the Rights module now or wait
until the redesign, which is not yet scheduled. This will depend I am
sure on how many other clients would find an immediate use for this.

Andrzej Kowalski

27-Apr-02 09:00:00
Category: Archive
Forum: Archive

"Unless there is some other functionality linked to the current open/closed
radio buttons, perhaps this could be changed to a look-up list, allowing
additional status terms. "

I think this is a tremendous idea . We have three types (currently) here -
"opened", "closed" and "new" but would welcome the opportunity to add things
like "refused" "partial return" etc. I love the idea of a look up list.

With regard to the individual objects, that information can easily be added
to the notes field by each object. It doesn't change the status of the
loan, just the object within the loan.

Shelley A. Keele
Manager, Loans and Transport
Administrateur des prêts et du transport
Canadian Museum of Civilization

05-Feb-01 11:00:00
Category: Archive
Forum: Archive

Hello all

The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney is currently implementing Emu. We have 2 remote Garden locations linked back to a central computer system. One remote Garden is linked by 56K frame relay and the other by 56K ISDN. We are interested in the discussion on this subject and any additional information or experiences/solutions users have had with access of this type.


Peter Savio
Manager, IT Services
Royal Botanic Gardens

01-Feb-01 11:00:00
Category: Archive
Forum: Archive

Dear all,

We have been using Citrix at Museum Victoria for a few years now. All of our campuses are connected to the wide area network, but a number of staff here use the terminal server when they wish to operate bandwidth hungry applications (including EMu) whilst working at home via a 56K modem.

There's not much I can tell you - other than it works very well. Citrix is efficient at delivering the terminal image, sending just the changes rather than continuous screen dumps. We've had no problems with it.

Something else worth looking at:
There are various PC remote control applications out there that are equally effective under certain circumstances. The difference between them and a terminal server like Citrix is that only one session can run on the server (remote PC) at a time. However, they have the advantage of being very much cheaper (and sometimes much faster as well). This is well worth looking at if you have staff that have their own central PC, but need to operate it directly from other sites or from home.

These apps are a boon for Help Desks - if a confused user phones up with saying they can't work out how to do somthing, you can take over their PC remotely and do it for them while they watch (as long as they have the server running on their PC).

We recently purchased a very good remote control application named Radmin (
It works much faster than Citrix, and is not resource hungry. I have the server running on my work PC all the time without any noticible reduction in performance. The client fits on a floppy disk and doesn't require installation so I can carry it around with me. If I'm working at home and a user emails an EMu problem, I connect to my work PC using Radmin instead of using the terminal server which I find to be slower and more clumsy.

There are some similar apps out there (there's even a freeware one) but Radmin is the best we've found so far (and very cheap compared to Citrix!)


Forbes Hawkins
Collection Systems Administrator
Museum Victoria

31-Jan-01 11:00:00
Category: Archive
Forum: Archive

Hello All,
We're planning to use Citrix as a means of bringing EMu to some of our
remote sites where limited bandwidth presents a significant problem. At
some of our metro area sites we are using an ISDN connection; at the rural
sites we have to rely on 56K analog service. I'm curious to know if others
of you have been using or are experimenting with Citrix as a thin-client
solution. If you're willing to share some experience, we'd be most


Dwight Smith
Minnesota Historical Society

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