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Summary Data strings for holders

Summary Data strings for holders

Perhaps this has been brought up before but if not:

The way EMu constructs the summary data strings for normal locations (in hierarchical order, from highest level to lowest level) is different from the way it constructs summary data strings for holders (smallest holder first, then next largest, etc., followed by the static location of the last holder in the sequence).

This has been confusing for our users. For one thing, when you sort a group of records on the current location field, your records do not group neatly by the location level hierarchy, as one might wish.

Is there any way KE could have locations and holders display the same format of summary data--starting with the highest level entity and working to the lowest?

(I have a related post I am about to make in the Reports forum)


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Re: Summary Data strings for holders

Hi Will,

The design evolved based on user comments of a time long ago.

The reason we have the holders in the reverse order to the locations relates to the length of the summary data string once you get a holder in a holder at a location. In this situation you end up with a long summary data string with the broadest information at the beginning and the narrowest information lost at the end. This causes problems with the display on screen and with reports.

We can change the order as a configuration for your organization. Like any of these changes you risk losing benefits that are added to the standard versions in the future. I am happy to discuss this with you if it is a direction you wish to consider.

Alan Brooks
KE Software Inc

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