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Using Nomenclature 3.0 to classify historic artifacts

Using Nomenclature 3.0 to classify historic artifacts

Hi -
We use Nomenclature 3.0 to classify our historic artifacts in the EMu Catalogue, but we were wondering if there's a better way to handle the Nomenclature data.

This is our current situation. We use the field "ClaClassification" for the Nomenclature categories and the field "ClaType" for the Nomenclature classification or sub-classification. Then we use the field "HisObjectName_tab" for the Object Name. All three of these fields have a separate Lookup List, so our interns and volunteers have to make three selections. And they can make mistakes and select a Nomenclature category and classification that don't correspond to the Object Name.

It's also confusing because some users will enter a classification in the ClaType field while other users will enter the sub-classification. Moreover, the Object Name field can contain more than one entry, so a ruler given out by a hardware store, for example, can be assigned two Object Names, "ruler" and "advertisement," but it can only be assigned one Nomenclature category and classification.

If your organization uses Nomenclature, we'd be interested to hear if your EMu catalogue is set up the same way or if you have suggestions on how we can improve our catalogue.

Thanks for your help,
Anne Kling
Cincinnati Museum Center

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Re: Using Nomenclature 3.0 to classify historic artifacts

Hi Anne,

If you only needed one set of classification terms (category, class, and object name), hierarchical Lookup Lists might be able to handle some of the need to limit lower tier values based on entries in higher levels. I do not believe that will work well with multivalued fields at each tier, however.

Have you considered looking into the EMu Thesaurus Module? It works well in multivalued fields to enforce the standard parent-child relationships, and could allow a search on Object Name for a higher-level category term to return matches for all narrower terms. It may require a minor rethinking of how the category and class appear in your Catalog module; but with some discussions with KE, I think you could display something fairly similar to what you have now.

This post may be useful, if only for contacts of others using Nomenclature with Thesaurus: … menclature

I would be glad to discuss this with you further via e-mail. My address is in my forum profile.

Best wishes,


Will Scott

Will Scott
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