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Online Training over the Internet &

Online Training over the Internet &

I notice that there is little or no online training opportunities for KeEmu users. Unimpressed. For those of us in regional or remote museums, the cost (time and money) of someone coming out to our location or vice versa is unrealistic. When will KeEmu implement some type of internet 'real-time' training experience? This would help drag the system in to the 21st century.
In addition, the static written online instructions with screen dumps of images on the KeEmu pages also seem to be geered towards those who have an IT background or know a lot about Kemu already. When will you implement a instructions with images 'that move' i.e. show the actions that need to be undertaken to do particular tasks in KeEmu?

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Re: Online Training over the Internet &

To my knowledge, you have received some free one-on-one instruction from a KE staff member recently and we have upgraded you so that you have the latest up-to-date on-line help.

Our EMu help is very comprehensive, easy to navigate and includes many "show me" animated sequences. The on-line help provides clear instructions on how to complete many operations and has many flow-charts to help explain complex processes. The help system also supports the What’s This? facility, which allows you to click on a field and receive context sensitive help specific to that field.

As I have mentioned to you before, if you are still struggling with how to use EMu (and EMu Help), then I would urge you to undertake some training, as any sophisticated software solution can prove to be frustrating without some awareness of how to use it.


Donna Begg (Axiell Melbourne)
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Re: Online Training over the Internet &

Hi Lilian
KE's use overall of "static written online instructions" rather than "instructions with images that move" is deliberate and well considered. As an experienced Technical Writer and Instructional Designer in Software Development and Higher Education, I have experience of both forms of documentation - both as a designer and a user, and my opinion of "instructions with images that move" is that they are generally only of any use for fairly simple processes. Sophisiticated software solutions such as EMu are not, in my opinion, well suited to documentation "with images that move". EMu is designed to manage the often quite complex or at least involved processes in Collections Management and a step by step set of instructions is more useful, I believe, than a video: it is easier and more efficient to step through a list of instructions than it is to stop-start a video in order to keep track of a process. For complex processes, watching a video will typically result in the viewer taking notes and writing a set of step by step instructions...
There is a place for "instructions with images that move" but I do not believe that it is the best way to document EMu or to train users.
Also, I do not believe that the use of "instructions with images that move" is a clear indiator of the sophisitication of the system. EMu is the world's premier Collections Management system, the most sophisiticated available and if it is not a 21st Century System, then there isn't one out there.
KE Documentation Manager

Gerard Wood (Axiell Melbourne)
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