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Customized XML export - ideas?

Customized XML export - ideas?


I am currently attempting to reverse engineer a legacy gallery ICT interactive. Having migrated the data into EMu I would like to get EMu to export xml in the format required by the legacy flash software. is this possible without using another application to reformat the xml?

This is the format I am trying to create, from the Narratives module:


  <h1>What is it?</h1>
  <p>This is a statue of the god Horus</p>
  <h1>How old is it?</h1>
  <p>It is over 3,000 years old, dating to the 19th or 20th Dynasty (1295-1069 BCE) in the New Kingdom.</p>
  <h1>What is it made from?</h1>
  <p>It is made from stone.</p>
  <h1>What is it used for?</h1>
- <p>
  Horus was depicted as a hawk or as a man with the head of a hawk. He was god of the sky, the embodiment of divine kingship and protector of the reigning pharaoh. Ra-Harakhte (Horus of the two horizons) was another version of Horus, identified with Ra and the daily voyage of the sun from horizon to horizon. The two deities combined to become Ra-Harakhte. He was represented as a falcon or a falcon-headed man wearing the solar disk and double crown or the ...
  and the
  <p>This votive statue has the inscription 'Horakhty Lord of Kemwet [Tell Atrib] for the life, prosperity and health of the Custodian Nebu-nakhte', the donor.</p>
  <p>Museum Register Number H 108</p>
  Given by Mr. G.O. Spafford in 1916.
  <p>It is from Tell Atrib.</p>


We probably wont use this as a final solution, but it would be really handy for allowing curators to check their amendments after the migration. I just wondered if there is anything EMu can do from the reports / exports function or if I will need to use IMu for this?

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