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Finding a Term in Browse View

Finding a Term in Browse View

In Browse View of the Thesaurus Module, the view mode that displays the terms and relationships in a "tree" structure, there is no means of jumping directly to a term within the hierarchy in order to view its broader organization. A user must search for the desired term there by clicking on whatever root term is available, then down through sub-categories/parent terms. This method works fine for very limited thesauri, or when the organization of the term is already known. In a more complex hierarchy where the full organization of a term is unknown, however, finding that overall organization seems cumbersome. Has anyone else found this to be the case?

To find the broader organization of a Bongo drum, for instance, a user needs to do the following. I am providing a simplified example, by the way, for the sake of communication.

1. Search for "Bongo" in the Thesaurus Module.
2. On the Hierarchy Tab, locate the desired broader term, in this case it is "Drum".
3. Open a new instance of the Thesaurus module by clicking on the view attachment button for the Broader Term.
4. On the Hierarchy Tab of the broader term record (Drum), review its broader terms. Here they include "Musical T&E, Percussion" (from Chenhall) and "Membranophone" (from Sachs/Van Hornbostel, a standard that groups instruments by how they make noise).

Assume, now, that the user wishes to look at everything organized under "Musical T&E, Percussion" including narrower terms of its narrower terms (to see an overall view of that branch), the most efficient way to do that would be in Browse View of the Thesaurus Module. This user may not know where to find Chenhall in the context of the full Thesaurus, however. To discover that organization, the user will need to continue the process listed above for each broader term until the root term of the Thesaurus is found, then open Browse View and traverse the hierarchy there from the top down to get to "Musical T&E, Percussion". Using this method, I often find myself having to open eight or more instances of the module.

I wonder if this could be made more efficient through a Find Term feature within Browse View, or the ability to select a term record from full view for display in Browse. The design would have to account for multiple parenting, of course, and would need to still allow clients to restrict data entry to specific branches of the Thesaurus. This seems like it would be especially useful in the organization of newly-added terms as well.

Would there be interest in working together to create a specification for development of this feature/functionality?

Will Scott
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Will Scott (Museum & Database Consultant)
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