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Web Page-turning application for multi-page items?

Web Page-turning application for multi-page items?

Hi everyone,

I am in way over my head and wonder if someone out there can point me in the right direction. We are trying to figure out how to present a series of photographic works by Duane Michals on our online collections database. Typically a Michals work consists of several individual photographs mounted in sequence, forming a sort of pictorial narrative. What I have in mind (and have seen on various digital library and a few museum web sites) is a page turning application that allows the user to navigate frame by frame through the item in sequence.

What I am hoping is to be able to write a METS object that includes a structural map defining the sequence and the location of the component images, as well as a Behavior section that would tell the browser to launch some script or application that would provide the navigation functionality to the user. I envision attaching this document to the EMu record, and export it as the record's primary multimedia. So when the user clicks on the multimedia for this item, the browser somehow reads the METS document, launches the required scripts, and presents the user with the first image in the sequence and navigation buttons to advance to the subsequent images in the sequence.

We've considered creating Adobe PDF documents but find that they turn out to be very large files. We also considered just stitching all of the images together in sequence and allowing the user to scroll thru the sequence in an image window, but again this makes for a relatively gigantic file, if you want to maintain any quality. These composites also look really silly as thumbnails.

Any advice out there?


Will Real
Carnegie Museum of Art

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Re: Web Page-turning application for multi-page items?

At the Whitworth Art Gallery, we are planning to implement a book-browsing facility on our website and were about to circulate information on our proposals. We want to use EMu to provide accessible (and information rich) book-browsing pages and are only considering using Flash technology as an additional (predominantly visual) resource as a separate project.

We will be starting by publishing a set of sample books from the textile manufacturer Thomas Wardle. They contain information on dye sampling experiments and include samples of designs by William Morris and others.

The proposed book-browsing web page would allow users to move from one page to another, displaying left, right pages and double-page spreads. The information for each page would be drawn from the catalogue records in EMu. Other narratives referring to certain related patterns would also appear on the page. We are looking at using the Part No and Number of Parts fields in our Catalogue (Gallery UK) to reference the pages. Each page or page spread have a related narrative to describe the page. Images would be drawn from the Multimedia repository.

The book-browsing facility would build on work KE have done for the website Spinning the Web - - search for 'book'. This design only views one page at a time, whereas we plan to provide support for left, right and double-page spreads and have a more flexible approach to publishing narratives.

If others are interested in this project, please get in touch and we could pursue this off list.

We would be interested in any evaluation of similar projects.

Julian Tomlin
The Whitworth Art Gallery

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Re: Web Page-turning application for multi-page items?


Although we are only just getting the system installed in Hull I am very interested in your page turning application and wondered whether you have been able to make any developments/progress on this?

Simon Wilson
Collections Project Manager, Hull Museums

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