EMu 1.0.415

Release Date: 23 September 1999

New Features

  • None

Bugs Fixed

  • The login procedure has been cleaned up to remove all "Bad Local String" messages. If something in the login process fails you will now get the correct texserver message..
  • The server script emuregload has been changed to abort if the registry database (eregistry) does not initialise properly. Using the old script it was possible to get duplicate registry entries.
  • The server side script emubldlinks has been modified to remove use of the -e option to test. This option is not supported by all Bourne Shells (e.g. SCO Unix).
  • The server side program emucron has been modified to llok for a file called .crontab-local. If this file is found all cron entries will be read from/written to this file. When emu is being installed it will not install cron entries if this file exists.
  • The Summary report for the nmnh client has been fixed to work correctly with new fields defined in the catalogue.

Upgrade Notes

  • If your site has a custom crontab entry for emu, then place the contents in the .crontab-local file before installing the new server release. To do this:
      1. Log in as emu
      2. Enter crontab -l > .crontab-local