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ODBC Linking

ODBC Linking

I'm new to both KE EMu and the NHM (Natural History Museum).

We have a need to produce some fairly simple reports (cross matching data from KE to other sources). Usually I would ODBC link one source to the other in MS Access and make exclusion comparisons through Access (Unmatched queries). I find that there is no ODBC link directly into KE. Has anyone got any leads on if there is a way to link or if there is an ODBC driver i can use?

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Re: ODBC Linking

Hello Simon,

EMu uses a post relational database to store information. The data structures supported by this system are more complex than ODBC can support (e.g. nested tables within a record). As such, EMu does not provide a "live" ODBC link as it is not possible to provide full access to nested structures (although we do provide a JDBC link as it does support nested structures).

However it is possible to generate ODBC data sources from data within EMu. The reporting subsystem does this for report writers that require ODBC interfaces. The way you do this is to create a new report of type "Export DOBC Data Source". Then select all the columns you want in the report (this will form the columns in the ODBC Data Source). Save the report.

Now perform a query and get back the record you want to make available in Access. Select your created report and run it on all your matches. This will place all the data into an ODBC Data Source for the module you are in.

If you go to the Windows "ODBC Data Source Administrator" you will see a list of "User DSN" Data Sources that start with "EMu" followed by the module name.

In Access you simply need to connect to the User DSN Data Source for the module in which you generated the report (EMu Catalogue if you are using catalogue data). You can use the link as though it is live. Once you have established the link in Access you can perform further queries in EMu and re-generate the report to save the new data. In Access just "refresh" the ODBC link to get the new view of the data.

Let me know if you need any more details.


Bernard Marshall
KE Software
Melbourne, Australia

Bernard Marshall (Axiell Melbourne)
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