Release Date: 04 February 2022


When upgrading to this version of Sapphire, EMu version 6.5-220204 or later must be installed. Failing to have the minimum EMu version installed will result in some Sapphire functions not operating correctly.


  • EMu 6.5-220204 or later
  • Texpress 9.0.001 or later
  • TexAPI 6.0.012 or later
  • Perl 5.8.8 or later (excluding 5.10.0)

Axiell EMu Ideas Portal

The portal allows you to submit to and view a pool of ideas for future Sapphire development, vote for those ideas, or ask us development questions. The portal is online at:

New Features

Ability to stipulate whether to add to or overwrite nested table data

When a nested table is specified twice on a form Sapphire notifies the user that this has occurred and that the form should be checked:


This may be legitimately done as a means of displaying readonly data at the top of the form and allowing new data to be added below. Any data in the second nested table field is combined with the data from the first nested table field to give the final saved data for the nested table. This processing means that data was always added to the nested table. On occasions it is desirable that data from the second field overwrites the first. To facilitate this a new popup is shown after the first one to allow the user to specify the way that the form should save the data:

save decision


  • The total time taken for a search is determined by three components: the search, any defined sort, and the time to build the results list for display. A search may timeout during any of these phases which could result in Sapphire throwing an error when the next search is performed. To reduce the likelihood of this occurring the maximum number of records returned using a search has been limited to 10,000:

  • When multiple nested tables were used twice on a form the order in which new data was added to the nested tables was inconsistent. All data is now consistently added to the end of the nested table.

Issues Resolved

  • On occasion it was possible to enter data into a Sapphire field and a trailing period (dot) would be removed. The period is no longer removed.
  • When displaying images where all generated resolutions were less than the image control width, the image thumbnail would display. The largest available resolution now display.

Upgrade Notes

See Upgrade 1.5.1 to 1.5.2 for details.