EMu 1.0.502

Release Date: 27 July 2000


New Features

  • All the standard EMu reports are now available in both A4 and Letter sizes.
  • The Crystal report viewer window has been updated to use the title of the report (as specified in the report Summary Info) as the caption for the viewer window.

Bugs Fixed

  • A problem with texmonitor terminating with the message Unexpected end of input after completing a reindex has now been fixed. The problem was known to occur on UWIN installations (and possibly other version of UNIX).
  • The EMu client may hang if a lookup table is referenced and the user hits the enter key straight away. The same behaviour may occur when registry lookups are occuring for sort lists, report lists, default lists and column lists. A race condition which caused this problem  has now been fixed.
  • The Clear All.. command does not clear out all query fields in the Loans, Movements, Conservation and Rights modules. These modules have been updated so the function now works correctly
  • There is a problem when assigning data to a LinkGrid cell in code Cell[x][y] where the LinkGrid has not already been loaded (in otherwords viewed for the current record). When the grid is loaded it destroys any changes made to the control, hence removing the update. When assigning to a cell the data should be sent to the backend immediately in case a load is performed.
  • Interrupting a reference based query does not work in some situations. The interrupt mechanism has been reworked to ensure that reference queries can be interrupted correctly.
  • Specifying an invalid proximity query or a range query in a text field causes the EMu client to go into an infinte loop. Proximity queries must be enclosed in single quotes. The query parser has been fixed to generate a syntax error for invalid proximity or range queries are specified.
  • When loading reference field keys that are zero filled in one table but not in the other the reference data does not load correctly. The reference facility has been altered to allow zero filled keys to function correctly.

Upgrade Notes

To install the new Letter size reports:

  1. Install version 1.0 Build 502 of the EMu server.
  2. Log in as user emu on the server machine.
  3. cd utils
  4. sh upgrade-1-0-500 -r
  5. The new report registry entries are now available.

Note, these instructions assume you are upgrading a post 420 build of EMu. If your old release is a pre 500 build, see the build 500 release notes for full upgrade procedures.