Texforms - Query-by-example

Texpress comes packaged with Texforms - a menu and forms based interface which provides users with access to all aspects of the system. This includes database design and maintenance, data loading, data query and edit, data reporting, and database back-up and restore. These facilities make the software easy to learn, operate and maintain.

Database Design and Maintenance

The Forms interface incorporates a visual forms design program which is used to create and maintain schemas simply by painting screens and assigning attributes.

Multi-Media Support

Texpress applications can incorporate multi-media data. For example, an object access can trigger the display of a frame or sequences of a movie on a videodisc; the display of bit-mapped images or digital video; or even the playing of sound recordings.

Data Capture

Flexible interactive and batch data capture facilities are provided within the Texforms interface. Changes to an object are immediately visible to other database users.

Texpress includes facilities to import foreign data files into a database. This process also provides the capability to identify and repair inconsistencies in the data before it is made available in the database. Batch loading can be performed in conjunction with other users accessing the database or with the database off-line.

Data Display and Reporting

Texforms includes powerful and flexible data display and reporting facilities. Objects retrieved by a query can be displayed in any user-specified format. These formats can be saved and re-used or nominated as the default display format.

A large variety of reports such as address labels, barcode labels, status reports and inventory lists can be designed using the screen-based forms editing program. The reporting facility incorporates the  Texpress Report Markup Language which complies with the popular SGML standard. It can also interface with other packages such as spreadsheets, word processors, geographic information systems, statistical analysis programs and CAD systems.