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EMu 4.2 has seen the introduction of a number of extensions that provide a more flexible mechanism for displaying and altering data within a single language:

  • When the All Languages option is selected, users may now select the order in which languages are displayed (but not, it is important to keep in mind, the order in which language data is stored in EMu, which is defined by the Supported Registry entry). This allows users who are dominant in a particular language to display this language first with other languages following.
  • User may now alter data while a single language is displayed. Any data entered into a field will only update the value of the language selected.
  • When displaying data in a single language and a value does not exist for a given field, the value of the first filled language may be displayed. The text is shown in a user selectable colour (grey by default) to indicate that it is not associated with the current language. When the field is entered, the text is removed, allowing data to be entered.
  • A number of data entry helpers always display all languages in the user defined order to assist data entry. For example, if a Lookup List is displayed, all languages are always shown so that users may select the correct entry based on context. This is particularly important where one term in a given language has multiple terms in another language.
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