OAI: New IMu Webservices


1.0 A4 pdfIE 03 Feb 2011

OAI is a web service that returns XML data in response to arguments passed to it. Depending on the passed arguments it is able to return information about the service and its capabilities, as well as record data.

The XML record data can be wrapped in various metadata formats. As a minimum the system will use Dublin Core, however a data source (a repository) may also implement other formats and can wrap the data on request in an alternative format.

OAI has limited query flexibility (confined to data modification dates or to querying preconfigured sets of records) as it is primarily meant for data harvesting rather than generalised querying.

EMu via the IMu Web framework can act as an OAI repository, providing an OAI web service to OAI harvesters.

The Axiell Staff version of this document is available here (be sure to log).