EMu has an Audit Trails module

During the day to day operation of EMu there may be times when an Administrator or user requires details about who changed a record, when it was changed and what changes were made.

EMu has provided simple auditing facilities since it was first released. Every record in EMu includes the name of the person who last changed it, along with the date and time of the modification. Similar information is stored about the creation of the record. These details are located on the Admin tab of each module (usually the last tab in a module).

With EMu 3.2.04 a fully integrated auditing facility was introduced, which includes an Audit Trails module:


The facility generates an audit trail record for all operations that are registered to be monitored. There are five levels for which audit records may be generated:

  • change (insertions, updates, deletions)
  • search (queries)
  • display (viewed, sorted, reported)
  • login (first access of a module in current session)
  • all (all database operations)

Each of these may be set on a per module basis, which means it is possible to monitor all changes to records in the Parties module, for instance, while Multimedia records may be audited for changes, searches and records viewed.

Every EMu module contains an Audit tab that lists all audit trail records for the current record. Each record details the operation performed, who performed it and the date on which it was performed. From this tab it is also possible to view the complete audit trail record in the Audit Trails module.

Reports are provided that allow Administrators to produce audit listings that detail changes made on a per user basis, within specified time constraints.

The audit facility also provides an archiver that allows all audit records to be saved in a file on a daily basis for archival purposes or for use as raw data to load into another system.

Full details are available in the latest version of the EMu Help.