EMu has an ArcExplorer report

The EMu ArcExplorer report takes EMu records with location (latitude / longitude) information and displays them on maps in the third party application, ArcExplorer.

The ArcExplorer viewer allows layers to be defined and enabled / disabled within the viewer. Data points may have associated metadata which is displayed when a point is selected:


ArcExplorer is a freely available lightweight GIS data viewer that lets you perform a variety of basic GIS functions. With ArcExplorer, it is possible to:

  • Display and query a variety of standard data sources, including:
    • ESRI shapefiles
    • ArcInfo coverages
    • Images
    • ArcIMS services
  • Pan and zoom through multiple layers and identify, locate, and query geographic and attribute data.
  • Symbolise your data based on attributes contained in your data layers to create thematic maps.
  • Perform basic spatial analysis tasks on the geographic data, such as selecting and buffering features.

A complete description of the ArcExplorer report type can be found in the EMu Help and in The ArcExplorer Report documentation.