Enhancements to existing Registry entries

The following enhancements have been made to existing Registry entries:

  • Operations Registry entry
    The daDittoAll privilege has been added to the Operations Registry entry. From EMu 4.0.04 onwards, a user will require this privilege in order to have access to Ditto All functionality (Edit>Ditto>All Fields and the Shift+F9 keyboard shortcut).
  • Indexing Registry entries
    Also from EMu 4.0.04 onwards, a new Indexing Registry entry has been added that sets the unique attribute for one or more columns in a table. The format of the entry is:
    System|Setting|Table|table|Unique Index|colname;colname;...
  • Lookup Registry entry
    A new AutoWriteIgnore permission has been added to the Lookup Registry entry, combining the AutoWrite and WriteIgnore permissions.

Full details can be found in the latest version of the EMu Help (published 22 March 2012).