Digital Signage Application

BristolBristol Museums, Galleries and Archives is developing an application to generate content for Digital Displays by extracting multimedia and event details from EMu and transmitting it via Wi-Fi to Displays across the organisation’s various sites.

Mark Pajak, who is leading development of the signage application, believes that it will be used by staff seeking to publish details about events, and users who need to access information about timings and the location of events, although it may also be used to display messages from sponsors or front of house staff.

The Digital Displays, or Signs, use data drawn from EMu via a PHP API which returns a JSON list of events (title, description, dates, etc.), with information presented using html / javascript (chosen in part because they provide flexibility for future developments). Data is streamed from the EMu server to the Digital Displays via Wi-Fi, although for increased robustness, event information and multimedia are also stored locally with the Displays in case the Wi-Fi drops.

A new tab was designed for the EMu Events module to hold details for display on the Digital Displays. The new tab brings together all the fields used to manage and display sign data.

You can find greater detail about the project in Mark’s article Developing a Prototype Digital Signage Application.