Projectile Point

Date of creation:
Clovis culture
East Wenatchee, Washington
9000 BC – 10,000 BC
  Washington State Historical Society, Tacoma, USA
EMu user since 2007

Projectile PointThis projectile point is made of translucent chalcedony and has black spheroidal inclusions. The point was made using well controlled percussion flakes. Minor pressure flaking along the margins allowed the large flake scars to remain relatively intact. Traces of red ochre and silica cement can be found on face B.

This point is part of a cache uncovered in East Wenatchee, Washington on private property. The collection, donated to Washington State Historical Society in 1992, includes these large points, bone rods, and small flakes or microblades.

Because the Clovis sites are so early, it’s difficult to know much specific information about them. Some archaeologists think that these were things used in hunting, while others think they must have been ceremonial as they are larger than most points used for hunting. For many years, Clovis people were thought to be the earliest people in North America, but recent research indicates that there were earlier people dating back to 18,000 BC.