Major Maurice Le Blanc Smith collection - "Adolphus"

Object: Major Maurice Le Blanc Smith collection - "Adolphus"   Leeds University Library, UK
Date: early 20th Century   EMu user since 2012

Major Maurice Le Blanc Smith collection - "Adolphus"The Liddle collection comprises 6000 individual collections of people and their association with the First World War, including military and civilian men and women.

Adolphus was the mascot of Maurice Le Blanc Smith DFC (1896-1986), a Captain in the Royal Flying Corps, and flew with him in the cockpit on many missions during the First World War. Adolphus was given by a small French girl to Le Blanc Smith, who appears to have added flying colours to him later.

Le Blanc Smith was the son of Stanley Le Blanc Smith and his wife Amy Harris and was christened Maurice Smith. His father, who had been a successful rower, was on the London stock-exchange and his occupation allowed the family to live in substantial comfort at Leatherhead in Surrey. Maurice gradually incorporated his father’s name into his own. He gained his flying certificate on 14 July 1915 at Brooklands and flew with various squadrons of the Royal Flying Corps, including nos 18 and 73.

Flying Sopwith Camels, he claimed seven victories, including two Fokker DR.1 tri-planes and two of the highly-acclaimed Fokker D.VIIs. Le Blanc Smith was promoted to Acting Major in the Royal Air Force after its foundation in April 1918 and at the end of the war he was still barely 22 years old, perhaps younger than Adolpus himself.

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