Foot combat armour of Henry VIII

Object: Foot combat armour of Henry VIII   Royal Armouries, UK
Manufacturer: Martin van Royne   EMu user since 2013
Materials: steel    
Place: The Royal Workshops at Greenwich, then in temporary accommodation in Southwark    
Date of Creation: c. 1520    

Foot combat armour of Henry VIIIIn 1520 a tournament known as the Field of Cloth of Gold (after the gold fabric which covered the magnificent pavilions) was held in France, where more than 150 French and English courtiers, including King Henry VIII and Francis I, King of France, jousted, tourneyed and fought on and off for eleven days. This armour was originally made for Henry by the Master Armourer, Martin van Royne, at the royal workshops in Southwark, for use in the foot combat, but three months before the tournament the rules of the event were changed. All work on the armour ceased and it remained ‘rough from the hammer’ (unfinished and undecorated). The armour was transferred to the Tower of London from the Royal Palace at Greenwich in 1649 and is one of four complete armours of King Henry VIII in the care of the Royal Armouries.

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