1930 Penny

Object: 1930 Penny   Royal Australian Mint, Canberra, Australia
Manufacturer: Melbourne Mint   EMu user since 2012
Place: Melbourne, Australia    
Date of Creation: 1930    

The 191930 Penny30 penny issued by the Commonwealth of Australia is a rare coin.

Officially, 1930 was a year in which no pennies were produced because of the Depression. In anticipation of normal production, the Melbourne Mint struck an unknown number of coins. It is believed that up to 3,000 may have been produced.1930 Penny

There are a number of tales concerning their release into circulation. The most probable explanation is that they were released in error with other coins that were manufactured subsequently. However it is possible that they were given to visitors to the Mint in exchange for their own coin (as a memento of their visit).

The coin that “did not exist” was first reported about 1940.